An Update On The Moggy

Guess who was sitting outside my front door when Damien and I got home this afternoon!?!
Yup- the black cat that was shouting at us last night and this morning… I didn’t even wait, I fetched the travel box that I use for my boys and gave it to Damien outside to try and coax the little stranger into it using kitty nibbles. As soon as I opened the door, the visitor made a break for the opening, so I think he’s clearly used to being home and loved- somewhere.
Once I had checked on my boys (who were VERY curious about the kitty outside) and switched on a light or two, I went out again and we carted off the space invader to my vet. Once there the receptionist told me someone had called them saying their black cat had gone missing about three weeks ago, so I hope this one is hers… turns out its a “he”, not a “she” and he’s not young. He has been neutered, one canine is broken off and healed, his one eye has a scar on the eyeball and the other is milky, and he has grey hairs in amongst his black fur.
I gave the vet some money and then sucker that I am- asked that if no-one claims him in a week to give him all his shots and let me know so I can fetch him.

8 thoughts on “An Update On The Moggy

  1. Our house was a spca too. We had ones like 2 big dogs, 4 small dogs, 5 cats, 4 cows and a lamb that we brought up by hand feeding him. I love animals to much if I ever win the lotto I will buy a farm for all the stray animals.

  2. O.K. Spookie, what are you doing with Angels parents? HMMM? lol
    I get it now! Don’t worry, I wont blow your cover.

  3. Sounds like one more member of the family en-route to me Angel! I’m a sucker for strays, dogs, cats, kids, men… lol
    Well I hope I’m done picking up stray men! So does my husband I’m sure! I think ADHD kiddos have a special heart for critters, they are tender things!

  4. Aaawww, so Tax and Greebs could be geting a grampa hey? I just know you will look after him well if no-one claims him. Grampa Scratchy… see he even has a name already.
    Well done!!

  5. SUCKER! Ag don’t feel bad I would probably have done the same thing! You know growing up with a mum that rescues anything that just resembles a cat or dog that looks like it could be lost! hahaha

  6. You ol softy… cat people are so predictable eh?
    I am more of a Dog person, although I do love Kittens but my goodladywife is allergic to the protein in the felid saliva so we won’t be getting one soon.
    My backyard is contaminated by Cat and Raccoon droppings but OK…You are an animal lover and it is always heartwarming to hear tales like this. My prediction is that ole Scratchy Iris will be living with you in the very near future…Taxi and Greebo will spend a few sleepless nights looking over their shoulders and you will hear a few ‘HHHHHH’s’ but eventually we will be reading more tales about this cat.

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