Babe5 Is History!

Yup. And I didn’t even know there was a Babe5!
Damien got in the car when I fetched him this afternoon and he smelled like smoke. Again. I asked if he was smoking today and he said “Yes. I had to.” I reply that he never HAS to smoke- what does he mean he HAD to? He says he broke up with his girlfriend today. “Oh,” says me “I didn’t know you had another girlfriend, why didn’t you tell me?” His reply was the usual “I dunno.” I didn’t pry for much more information. And we drove on in relative silence.
About halfway home he tells me (with a very embarrassed smirk on his face) that there’s a guy at his school who thinks he’s cute!
Me: Oh ja? How do you know?
Damien: I heard him talking to a friend of his.
Me: are you sure he was talking about you?
Damien: ja, he was sitting with our group one break and I heard him talking as he walked away.
Me: oooooohhhhh… does he know you’re straight?
Damien: Ja.
Now this is something I just can’t get used to. Homosexuality and lesbianism were strictly taboo when I was at school. And even if there was someone we suspected was gay they didn’t “come out of the closet” until long after they’d left school. At Damien’s school, a lot of kids are openly gay. There are lesbian and homosexual couples… there are guys wearing lip gloss and doing their nails… and there are guys who are so camp it’s almost funny (think Jack, from Will & Grace)!
And honestly- it’s quite a “culture” shock if you’re not used to it- especially in a country as conservative as ours!

10 thoughts on “Babe5 Is History!

  1. ohhhhh I see…
    those darn left-of-centreists!
    i should have gone there. such campness was unthinkable at my school.. 🙂

  2. mommy darling: i also wanna lock him in a tower!

    the goofy chick: hmmm… i dunno yet if it’ll bother me… i really want him to be happy but i also don’t want his life to be any more “tricky” than it already is!

    tom cat: wow- thanx for the compliment dude! i must be honest- i think the school has a lot to do with what’s “accepted”. he’s at an “art” school so most of the kids are a little left-of-centre and i think that makes it slightly easier to be “yourself”… KWIM?

  3. hello! this is the first time i’ve visited your blog, and i think it’s rather awesome! 🙂
    Was also quite surprised about how open homosexuality seems to be at your son’s school.
    think a lot of it has to do with their peers.. i have a theory that if many people are open about their sexuality, their peers are OK about it, because it’s ‘cool’ as everyone is open about it.
    I don’t think it has much to do with the school itself… the school could encourage tolerance as much as it wants, but if it isn’t cool to be tolerant, then it won’t happen.

  4. Well growing up in the San Francisco bay area, I was exposed to a lot of cultures. In fact my Grandma was a lesbian for 30 years with the same woman! Imagine that, back in the late 50s. Of course they were in the closet till the 70s. We kids used to call her lover “Grandpa Karen” behind her back.
    I went to my sons myspace page and guess what? Under sexual preferance, he has Bi. (Guess that ups his odds for gettin a date.)
    But then again, his live in girlfriend has bi on hers too. Going to college in S.F. I suppose I should expect it. It really doesnt bother me. I just want him to be happy. Guess that’s truly all any Mom wants for her kids. (Along with grandchildren, damn! Keep your fingers crossed.)

  5. Oh BOY! Every generation of parenting brings other stuff – and this is just so creepy for me – really very creeeeeeeepy – wanna lock him in a tower until he is 30 you know? And then I get this sick visulation of darling Dad’s reaction and – heh heh 🙂
    Bbrrrrrr – Mom

  6. terri: what indeed… and when did i start sounding like MY mother!?!?!

    nmotb: i’m so glad you got your machine back!

    phats: it is diverse- sometimes i think too much so… and i’m also glad he still talks to me!

    dawn: doll, i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again- if there was a tried and tested male “pill” i’d put damien on it!

  7. I think it’s totally awesome that he felt ok to tell you. I remember when my step daughter casually asked me if I would please set up an appointment for her at the O.B.G.Y.N. (better known to us as the ‘gynae’) as she needed to go on the pill. I nearly swerved up the nearest pole [we were also in the car] but made out as if I wasn’t even the slightest bit shocked. D’you think they plan to drop these things on us in a protected environment – like when we have a steering wheel in our hands?

  8. interesting, glad Damien was comfortable enough and not embarrassed to even tell you about this that’s cool. Sounds like the school is very diverse, which is good will help him in the long run of life

  9. Hi bud, Tell D it’s not so bad, there is just something about my hubby that a gay person cant resist lol, they always charf him when he is in their company! Got my Laptop back this afternoon!

  10. Even the girls weren’t allowed to wear lip gloss when I was at school – what is the world coming to? And when did I start sounding like my mother?!

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