Last Friday Night

Daddy Darling was away, so we decided to have a girls night in with Mommy Darling. SIL & da Bruvva went out for the evening so it was sister B, sister C, mommy darling and I. Granny joined us for a while but when we started giggling too much she went home to bed! We opted to play 30 Seconds… and it turned into possibly the longest game ever, due to (among many others) forgetting to turn over the hourglass- which would result in 20 minutes of giggling… arguing over how many spaces were to be moved and or what answers were permissable- another 20 minutes of insane giggling… giggling so much the clue card would be disqualified and you got a giggle-induced-restart! Mommy darling and I were on a team and we won the game BTW… and I should have taken a picture of all the food before we ate- everything from mussel & cottage cheese crackers, chips & dip, blue cheese and microwave popcorn! We all ate too much, laughed a lot and went home with laugh-head-aches which IMHO are much worse than hangovers!
I think if anyone didn’t know us they’d swear we were torched- but I swear not a drop of alcohol crossed our lips!

9 thoughts on “Last Friday Night

  1. tammy: we were lagging hard- mucho headaches doll!

    ww: fun indeed- i’m very blessed!

    phats: mommy darling and i did indeed win!

    keshi: howzit keshi!

  2. there is a game like that here in the states can’t think of the name of it now though. My family we like to play games would love this one! 🙂

    Did you win?

  3. Never heard of the game 30 Seconds, Angel dear, but it sure looks like you goils had a good time!

    What a fun family you have…

  4. Nothing like those belly laughs hey – good company is the best!!! The pics slay me -everyone is lagging so hard!!

  5. super mom: thanx mel- we’re very blessed!

    ek’s derde: i hope you feel better soon!

    wenchy: it was indeed!

    phats: dude- its such a jol! its kind of a general knowledge board game. you throw a dice (marked 0/1/2), you choose a card depending on the colour block your marker lies on. the answer is on the card and you describe the answer to your teammate without mentioning any of the words in the answers (5 of them) or using the first letters of the words. if you roll a two on the dice- and you get three answers- you deduct the two from your answers and move forward one square. all the time the other players are watching the eggtimer waiting to scream “TIMES UP”…

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