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  1. Congratulations Peong… but I thought mine was better (but in all fairness, I got the first trophy! HA) lol

    I hope to actually see the toon someday.

    Man I am full of it tonight hu?
    Maybe I should go torment my own blog instead of yours eh Angel?
    My happy pills seem to be malfunctioning.

  2. Thanks for the heads up but it appears that I can now comment. I swear they changed this in the last 5 hours… seriously… I’m not crazy…

    And I’m glad Damien is still laughing.

  3. hey peong- you can comment as “other” if you’d like to do it that way, just put your name in the top field and your url in the bottom one…

  4. Woohoo!!!!

    A big thanks to Damien and his mad drawing skills because without his brilliant work, our captions would make no sense at all. Keep up the good work.

    ps. I think it just worked out because we are both Rowan Trees and we had that whole celtic connection thing working for us.

    -The peong signing in annonymously since I went blogger Beta and can no longer comment on non Beta blogs. GRRRRRRR…..

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