Sorry if I’m a little quiet… I am battling with excruciating heartburn since I stopped my meds a week ago in preparation for my surgery next week… I’m not eating because even water gives me heartburn and I’m not sleeping ‘coz it wakes me up! At this point its a Gaviscon tablet every hour and water…

10 thoughts on “Howdy

  1. Not long to go now. Just hang in there!! it will all be over and a distant memory before you can say “no more gaviscon!!”

  2. I will be thinking of you next Wednesday Angel … and will be keeping you in my prayers till then! Feel better real soon dear!

  3. nmotb: heh heh- i’m glad- the fairies are beautiful!

    ydnic: hey- so glad you’re back! how bout a lesson on sunday night?

    ww: oh i’ll be much better AFTER my surgery!

  4. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling very well, Angel…and best of luck and hugs that you get better heading into surgery…

  5. Hello there . I remembered my user name finally…….. oh my word… now i wont say any more…. i just want to know how to put that stunning background on my site. Listen let me know if there is anything i can do for you or D after the surgery. Even if its company or supper at your place you shout i will run.

  6. Ok I am staying put = not moving anymore, ja ja I know, cant make up my mind but for know I am staying. Will diarise (cause you know me).

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