Tucking Feachers!

I had another lengthy telephonic argument with a teacher last Friday morning.
I got a note from her last Wednesday, as well as a voicemail from another teacher please to call her back as soon as I had a chance. I called the one who left a message but she wasn’t answering, so I called the one who sent me a note. This woman- as soon as I told her who I was- got stuck into me like I was a teenager in her class and I hadn’t done my homework! I was quite speechless. She insisted she wanted to have a meeting with myself and all Damien’s other teachers because he wasn’t working in anyone’s class and he does nothing but draw in her class and so on and so on ad nauseam.
Thank goodness for my happy pills, because I managed to remain cordial throughout the “conversation” and when I thought she’d finished, I asked her why she had not attended any of the three meetings that I had called throughout the school year. I asked her why she had not contacted me sooner if Damien was having hassles in her class because that’s exactly what I have repeatedly asked Damien’s teachers to do rather than leave it till it’s too late- like September (DUH)! I asked her why she had not spoken to Mrs. C (who is the head of the grade 8 department whom I speak to almost on a weekly basis) about her hassles with Damien. I asked her if she had any workable solutions as to the things Damien wasn’t doing since I wasn’t at school with him all day. Then I asked her what she would say to me in a face to face meeting that she had not yet said over the phone? Needless to say her answers were unsatisfactory at best- and when I hung up I called Mrs. C and gave her an earful about how I resented being spoken to like a naughty child and being treated as if I had paid absolutely no attention to Damien and his performance at their school throughout the year. I also told her that since half of Damien’s teachers had not attended the meetings I requested that I was now not prepared to meet with them and let them have at me like a pack of yapping Chihuahuas about Damien and his problems without coming up with decent solutions (okay- I didn’t say exactly that but that’s what it came down to).
Been there, done that. Believe me!!!!
I reminded Mrs. C that I have repeatedly requested feedback from Damien’s teachers- verbal and written- because it’s a vital part of his ADHD management and that not getting said feedback to me was impinging on his treatment.
I then told her that I am applying to another school for next year and that in my humble opinion- the teachers can just “stick it out” for what’s left of this year.Now of course I just have to pray that the other school accepts him- he still has an interview and an entrance exam to pass for them!

9 thoughts on “Tucking Feachers!

  1. Well done – you handled that like a TOTAL pro!! You go girl! Tune those teachers!! (Howzit teachers..)LOL.

  2. Angel, If I am forced to sit through anything as boring as math or obnoxious teachers droning on, I need to draw, doodle, bead or pick at my nails. I am sure Damien is doing his best, tucking feachers soooo don’t get it. I know, they KNOW he could do better, but honestly, wouldn’t he if he could? I’m sure he’d love to shove a perfect paper at those teachers everyday, just to keep them off his back.

    Man I remember those phone calls as a Mom too. I have to give you major kudos for this one though Angel,
    “I asked her if she had any workable solutions as to the things Damien wasn’t doing since I wasn’t at school with him all day.”
    BRAVO girl!

    I finally realized that the public school teachers didn’t give a fat rats a** about my tax dollars and wanted me to pull Cody out of the school, so they could get on with being Gods. I finally wised up and REALLY made them pay by leaving him there, year after looong year. (evil grin)

    I too had that same hernia when Cody hit 8th grade, coincidence? I think not.
    Breath Mom, let the teachers stress not you.
    Blessings to you both (and the kitties too)

  3. ww: haha- i wish! they’re not blowing all of it out of proportion- thee joys of raising an adhder and all that… but had they contacted me from day one like i asked we wouldn’t be battling like we are now!

    peong: dude- he’s in an ART SCHOOL! it absolutely slays me! he has three art teachers- but he isn’t even doing what they give him to do!!
    sa has either public or private schools… and catering for adhders isn’t legislated so you have no choice but to rely on teachers “good will”…

  4. Damien’s drawings seems to be pretty important to him, especially if he is doing it in other classes, and it seems like it keeps him focused. What are his current outlets? Does he have any art classes available at his school? If you are looking for new schools are there any available that have alternate programs to the standard reading, writing and arithmatic. Here in the states they have what they call magnet schools where there are generally smaller classes and they tend to focus more on the student and there skills and interests than on a standardized cirriculum. I don’t know anything about the school system in SA, but I wonder if there are options like this for you. I’m sorry you’re having problems with his current school and I hope you can work something out. I hope that the two of you can find a school that will focus more on D and his needs than the one he is currently in.

  5. A hiatus hernia, huh? Is that what happens when you go on holiday? Sorry, won’t even ask.

    Argh, it sounds like a virtually impossible situation at Damien’s school. Are the teachers over-blowing it all or just whining or what?

    Best of luck with that and with finding a new school, Angel…

  6. nmotb: heh heh… sorry i’m so fast hey! i changed you back again. i’ll tell you bout the school later.

    whatalotoffun: i’m having a- deep breath- laparoscopic nissen fundoplication. they’re finally going to fix my hiatus hernia!

  7. hey tjomma – you changed me already – I have not gone over officially as yet, so you must still go along to the old site! (only until i have figured out how to load pics in my post). Sorry to hear about the hassles with D – what school are you going to be sending him too?

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