I can’t wait for my surgery!

…or rather- the results thereof. I know it sounds insane- but my heartburn has been so bad since I stopped taking my meds a week ago that I have lost 3 kilos (6.6 pounds) because I’m too afraid to eat anything!!! The roof of my mouth is raw from sucking on a Gaviscon tablet every hour and about all I can stomach (apart from my beloved coffee- which I flat refuse to go without at least one cup of in the morning) is water.
I’m going in next Wednesday morning for a Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication. I’ll go home from the hospital on Friday morning and then I will be booked off for two weeks to recover. It’s not a major op, in fact it’s commonly done on babies and small children, so its just two days in hospital. I’ll be “out of action” internet wise for at least two or three days since I fear for my laptop’s safety in the hospital. But as soon as I can I’ll get back online and let you all know how I’m doing.
Oh my goodness- how in the blogosphere am I going to last all that time with no blogging or surfing…? I can barely last 12 hours as it is (I literally force myself to leave my 3g card at home in the day)!

9 thoughts on “I can’t wait for my surgery!

  1. Hang in there Angel – it’s not long now. You’ve been on my mind and in my prayers. I think I’ll just keep you there until I know your safe. Godspeed my friend.

  2. My dentist has a TV screen in the ceiling..maybe you’ll get a monitor in rhe ceiling and you can surf during the procedure?

  3. wenchy: thanx babe

    nmotb: i’m being admitted from the surgeons office in the morning, my mom’s probably taking me. i suggest you pop round in the evening- you can probly ask my mommy darling for a room number coz i dunno where i’ll be…

  4. Hi There Buddy, I will see you when you go in, what time are you going in? and who are taking you to the hospital?

  5. dawn: howdy! i’m not suprised you’re “behind” in your reading with all the prep you’re doing! i’ve only heard good things about the operation so i’m really looking forward to “after the recovery”… KWIM?

    spookie: i know sweetie- but i also know how long you’ve waited and how excited you are about ltt so don’t give it a second thought! i can already see you- all fired up and excited when you get back!!! love you madly!

  6. It really irks me that I won’t be here when you go in. But I promise I WILL come and see you as soon as I get back home. You will survive without internet for a few days – at least you don’t have to go a full SEVEN days!! thats going to be hard. Love you madly – feel better, bye!

  7. Finally had a chance to catch up on your news. Sorry you are feeling so yucky and I hope the surgery brings instant relief. Two weeks at home seems like a good idea and I hope you get some serious R&R. If I was there I would come pamper you like you do for everyone around you – two and four legged!!!
    You handled the school like a star. I have a problem with people who only know how to gab on about problems but never have a conversation for solution! The important thing is that you focus on yourself for the next few days to get you through your surgery and recovery. Big hugs and get better heartburn wishes. I know that sucking on a lemon can be quite good – it is a neutralizer. Try it if you haven’t already.

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