Grampa Scratchy Is Home!

He has officially taken up residence at Casa da Felidae… albeit only in my bedroom for the next coupla weeks. Now I finally got a good look at him he’s got some brown in him as well- and some “kind soul” has cut off his whiskers and his eyelashes! Can you credit it! He’s very lovable, and I’m hoping that doesn’t wear off as he gets used to us.
When we arrived at the vet to fetch him and I walked into the room he was in- I called him and he immediately stood up to greet me, which he didn’t do yesterday and the day before… almost like he knew today was different (yes, yes, I know!!! I’m laughing at myself too). I filled in his card today too and allocated him the birthday of April 18th 1996, so next year he’ll be 11 years old. When we got home I took him straight to my room and provided a litter box, food and water, scratching post and a basket then I left him alone for a bit. It took him about 10 minutes to come out of the cat carrier and he went straight for the food!

Can you see all his grey fur!? And can you see he has no whiskers!?! Its his left eye that’s a little milky. As soon as I get a picture of him yawning I’ll show you his broken tooth.

4 thoughts on “Grampa Scratchy Is Home!

  1. h.e.: thanx sweetie! i hope he’ll be okay, he’s sneezing a bit from being “lost”. i think he’s a wee bit deaf too- but he’s started to respond to play a wee bit…

  2. gail: thanx sweetie! scratchy’s eyes are actually gold, like greebo’s, the blue you see is the flash reflecting on his pupils. humans show “red eye” where animals reflect blue and green.
    thank you for the prayers- and trust me, the weight loss is an added benefit! LOL!

  3. The poor cat is blessed to have you as a mum!!!

    I think the blue eyes are stunning,even if one is milky.

    Angel I am praying for your health even before you go into hospital. That is a lot of weight to lose and I bet that you don’t need to lose any. Keep your spirit up!!

    Love Blue

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