Sorry there’s no cartoon this weekend- Damien didn’t get around to it.
The schools closed on Friday for a week long break and I dropped Damien at home at about 11am. I seldom let him stay home alone so this was a real treat! He rented a Star wars PS2 game from the video rental place we usually use… and I don’t think he moved off the couch all day!!

This is how he spent the day… and most of the evening…

14 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. peong: oh dear, did you get to make up for it another weekend?

    phats: heh… i passed on your message- LOL!

    mel: ja- the house could burn down and i’d have to shake him!

  2. Tell Damien he is lazy I expected a cartoon! haha πŸ™‚

    I would have done the same but relaxed with Mario Kart man!

  3. I was hoping to spend some quality time with my PS2 this weekend too, but I was just too busy. In other words I am completely envious.

  4. he is indubitably a guy- i assure you- everything from a bedroom that looks like a bomb’s hit it to the occasional wet toilet seat!

  5. I gotta agree…my 14-year-old son is totally into gaming, on PS2 and on the puter.

    I’m with Cookie Monster on this…I think it’s entertainment and problem solving, no matter what all the experts say.

  6. Gaming keeps us out of trouble and really boils down to a challenge, whcih as males we like!

  7. How great is that…. I love gaming when I have me time even though i am in my thirties… you go Damien! Gamers rock!

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