Today Is Taxi’s 2nd Birthday

Actually I’m not sure what his real birthday is- but when I took him to the vet for the first time as a baby, he guestimated him at about 10 weeks old so I just worked backwards from there and chose a date that sounded “nice”.

4 thoughts on “Today Is Taxi’s 2nd Birthday

  1. tracy: darling- i have THREE black cats! well, grampa scratchy is more dark chocolate brown than black, but that may be due to bad nutrition while he was on walkabout… greebo & taxi are both black though.
    more than 11 websites… i give up!

  2. HA! I knew you’d have a black cat just like me, all witches do!
    Why DO I stay away so long Angel? I so enjoy catching up with you. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that I have 11 or 12 (I lost count at 11) other websites I’m running. Gotta love the juggling act!

  3. h.e.: hhmmphh, i should be so lucky… neither taxi or greebo are keen on being held and loved except just after we get home from work- and then only for a few seconds… maybe grampa scratchy will be?
    taxi goes where i go- my couch, the loo, the bathroom, the kitchen, but he sleeps in their box or on the couch- seldom with me or damien.
    greebo is the clever one- opening doors and cupboards- and the talkative one where taxi barely manages a squeek!

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