Helloooooo Blogosphere!

I’m back! That’s right- I am still around! I am sleeping A LOT people (luckily something I’ve never battled with)!
I am so touched by all your messages and good wishes!
I am walking slowly (they woke me up at 2am the morning after my surgery to go for a walk), and I’m not driving myself yet- I’m not allowed to go back to the gym until at least 4 weeks have passed and then I’m only allowed light cardio. I’m looking forward to the weight loss that this op results in- I lost about 4kg in the two weeks before I went in, and the doctor reckons most people lose between 6 and 10kg after the surgery. I was on “nil per mouth” for the whole of Wednesday (not even water) until after the op, and then I was allowed ice-chips only. By Thursday morning I was allowed a cup of Rooibos tea and by Thursday lunchtime I was on a “clear fluids” diet- black tea, consommé soups and jelly. Now I am on fluids only for two weeks with absolutely no lumps- even jelly must be chewed! Basically I am allowed fruit juice, soda water (so I can learn to burp again), baby foods, soup, custard, soft porridge and jelly. I can have milk and yoghurt as long as its fat free (the fatty rich stuff apparently makes you nauseous). Thereafter it’s soft foods for another two weeks. Soft fish, skinless chicken, rice, pasta (wheat free) and so on and everything has to be chewed to mush and taken in small bites. Absolutely no bread, cake, steak, chops, biltong, alcohol or spices for the full six weeks. My staples will come out in two weeks time (there are 5 cuts with 3 to 4 staples in each).
Damien stayed with my brother and SIL for the week (I’m staying with mommy and daddy darling for a couple of days since I may need help to climb stairs), and he came here on Saturday round lunchtime. He immediately went to sleep for two hours! He played PS2 and jolled with his cousins and literally wore himself out!
I’ve missed my cats terribly- I haven’t seen them since Wednesday morning. Mommy darling has been to feed them and love them a bit, and it seems Greebo and Taxi managed to open the door to my bedroom while I was away and gave Grampa Scratchy a bit of a hard time. I hope he’ll be okay- mommy darling said his eye was all bunged up!
I should be going home tomorrow, and then things will be getting back to normal, and I’ll be spending the next week or so catching up on all of your blogs!

9 thoughts on “Helloooooo Blogosphere!

  1. Welcome back woman! We all missed you terribly, in fact I think BetaBlogger nearly shut down without you here to hold up your end of the galaxy.
    So grateful to hear your up and around and Mom and Dad are there for you. What a precious gift.
    Welcome home girl.
    Hey they fixed the posting thingy just to get you back, thanks.

  2. SKATTTTTIIIEEEE you’re back. I am so pleased to hear it went well and I am seriously considering your diet!!! Mommy Darling is the best in these situations and I am pleased D-Man had a good time by the sounds of things. The cats – well that’s clearly another whole show, right! Will speak to you soon. Please take extra special good care of yourself and give your body a restful time to heal. I MISSED YOU! xox

  3. nmotb: i coloured in one picture! it was fun- haven’t done that in years!

    peong: i am SO going to let them take advantage of me- i missed them terribly!

    tom: thanx, i am SO looking forward to getting over this!

    terri: you do that doll! i love my carling black label- or a good red wine!

    supermom: thanx mel! i’m getting there, slowly…

    ww: thanx dude, i am really very blessed!

  4. Isn’t that unconditional love from Mom and Dad just the be-all, end-all when you need it?

    Welcome back!

  5. I’m glad it all went well, although it does sound as if you are in pain. I hope you will be feeling much better soon. Thinking of you!

  6. Glad to see you’re back Angel, Blogland is just not the same without you. Bummer on the no alcohol – tellya what, to help with a speedy recovery I’ll have a drink or two 😉 for you ‘kay?!

  7. Welcome back! So glad that everything was alright. And that there was even a plus side it – losing weight. I should undergo an operation myself… 😉

  8. Welcome back to the world dude! I’m glad you seem to be doing well. And don’t let those cats take advantage of your weakened condition… 😉

  9. Hello Buddy, glad to hear it your are feeling alittle bit better! Have you coloured in your pictures yet? Will pop around in the week to see you!

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