I Have Just Finished

Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” Volume 1 “The Gunslinger”.
And I honestly don’t remember reading it! I read volume I through IV several years ago and then waited with baited breath- I mean eyes- for the rest of the story… when I had all but given up, the last three stories were published in such quick succession that I didn’t get a chance to read one before the next one came out. Then when I booked my hospital date with my surgeon I thought I’d buy the three new ones for my hospital stay- and then decided I would rather buy and re-read the lot since it had been so long since I read them originally. I then bought the first three books in the series, and found another two books on sale and quickly bought them too. I’m still short a couple, but I think I maybe bought one or two on the internet a couple of weeks ago- but I was high on Gaviscon and I can’t remember too lekker- I must track down the delivery details, teehee! I have now started the second book “The Drawing Of The Three” and am again completely captivated The second one rings more bells than the first one- but they’re all revised and extended and I’m thoroughly enjoying them!
I tell you- I am absolutely loving these books even more than I did the first time I read them! I highly recommend them to anyone who has contemplated fantasy fiction but is not too hot on the classic fantasy story witches and dragons and so on. This story is realistic enough to keep you hooked too!

8 thoughts on “I Have Just Finished

  1. no it’s an older one, but I should warn you a lot of people don’t like it haha yet it’s one of my favorites. I talked my sister into reading it and she regretted it.

  2. nmotb: ja- very bloody funny! i’m still trying to think of a way to get you back!

    phats: i’ve read salem’s lot & the shining at least twice… i’ve read misery- but not the long walk. is that a newer one?

    dawn: damien and i listen to books while driving on holiday- terry pratchett is our favourite!

    spookie: i am reading several etxtbooks at a time, “bringing up boys” is one of them!

    katt: so do i- i’m a HUGE fan of terry pratchett’s discworld!

  3. Sounds like good books – but I am battling to read Bringing up Boys at the moment – purely because I just don’t get time. I even took it with me to Bloem – hmph! Now there’s a joke – imagine me thinking I would have had time to read in BLOEM!!

  4. I’ve never been a King fan, but the fireman is. I do books on cd because I rarely get extended time to sit and read. I listen in the car mostly on the way to and from school and while waiting for Ross to come out. I’ve just “read” OPEN HOUSE by Elizabeth Berg and am waiting for KITE RUNNER by Khaled Hosseini to arrive in the mail.

  5. I love Stephen King books!!

    I have never read this one though, but some of my favorites are The Shining, Salems Lot, Misery, and my all time favorite the long walk. Love king!

    I am reading a book by Iris Johansen now

  6. Hi, I love reading but dont get time to do so!!!!!! I normally watch the movie (if there is one) and I normally don’t watch it finished zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Glad to hear you enjoyed my “SPOT THE DIFFERENCE” Post! heheheheheh

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