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The school I applied to for Damien for next year has already decided that they won’t be right for Damien (did you pick up on the sarcasm yet?!?).
They have refused to even follow through with their interview process and entrance exams with regards to Damien’s application. The woman I spoke to over the phone gave me the names of two other schools I could apply to since she feels that given Damien’s ADHD history and treatment their classes will simply be too big to be any good for him (she actually gave me three schools names but I already spoke to one of them and ruled them out as an option). When I asked her about the woman I spoke to earlier this year who said they do indeed cater for ADHDers, she said they do- but only a limited number per class.
I am so bloody frustrated!
The schools opened again yesterday after a week long break, and I already got a phone call yesterday from one of his teachers (yes- another one who has not attended one of the meetings I called) saying he isn’t working in class, he only draws, he’s behind in his work, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I asked her if she had spoken to the head of the grade eights since I speak to her on an almost weekly basis, she said no. I asked why she had not contacted me before and she said she didn’t know that I had requested the teachers contact me immediately rather than after they’ve tried to “fix” things. When I hung up I called Mrs C (whom I usually speak to) but she was unavailable so I left a message. She called me back this morning (before I heard from the other school) and said she was aware that the other teacher had contacted me and when I told her what the other woman had said about being unaware of my requests, Mrs C said it was impossible since she had spoken to this same teacher regarding other kids in the school (as Damien isn’t the only one) who need help and extra attention and so on. I was very close to losing my temper but I managed to rein myself in.

Is this ever going to end!?!?!

6 thoughts on “Wonderful News Bunnies

  1. Aa man!! I was so hoping he would get into that school…
    Praying for you both – love you lossalots

  2. Ugh man – that’s a drag my friend. Good luck with the other schools – I hope they will offer you a more positive solution. Keep your recovery a priority through all of this, ok! xox

  3. I am sorry! Transfer him here and he can have me as a teacher. This does sound frustrating

  4. sho… it sounds really frustrating. Well done for not getting frustrated with HIM. I’m sure you’ll find a way out of this somehow. Just keep the faith. 😉

  5. UGH! I feel your frustration! I have the same problem here with my son and his teacher. She does NOT respond to requests for parent/teacher confrences, doesn’t answer phone calls or notes. I’m about ready to pull my hair out with her. I’ve begged my hubby to let me homeschool him again since we had such huge success with my daughter, but he insists that Josh needs “socialization”.. I said..”Yeah, and mommy needs valium!”

  6. Hugs to you Angel. I hope you will find the perfect school for him. With teacher that actually LISTEN

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