Me! I’m being tormented! I can smell the neighbours food- there’s nothing but junk food ads on TV- I can smell what I cook for Damien and I can’t eat anything! I still have a week to go with this liquid kak and its already driving me insane!! Food has always been a HUGE part of my life- I celebrate everything with food- which explains why I’m as big as I am… but it’s immensely frustrating to me at the moment. I crave all sorts of things all the time and unlike a “regular” diet I can’t cheat… not even a little bit! Yesterday I made Damien spaghetti bolognaise and it looked and smelled incredible. Then today I made him macaroni cheese with sausages in… one of my favourites… and I couldn’t even taste it!

9 thoughts on “Tormented!

  1. Oh Angel! This must be hell. It’s funny how we appreciate things when we can’t have them anymore.

  2. As you know, Angel, a woman’s true beauty is Within, (not) Without. Whatever you’s comfortable with.

    Important thing is to feel good. And I hope you do.

  3. Incase I don’t connect with you before, wanted to wish you a good experience at the conference. Remember your bib, ok? Hugs. xox

  4. dawn: aaah- i am not alone!

    ww: weeellll… there have already been a few “before”, and i’ll think about “after”- if there’s a significant enough difference, teehee.

    peong: (at least to you) then i don’t sound completely insane!

    spookie: thanx sis- i got some catchin’ up to do ey!?!?!

    phats: success! so what did you eat?
    i dunno bout feasting dude, i’ve already lost about 10 pounds in the last three weeks… so i think i’ll try and stick it out and at least eat healthy when this is over…

  5. Think of this time as a time to get strong – mentally. You will be able to resist temptation if you are able to get through this time now too. I think you are doing very well – and before you know it it will all be over. Keep it up, you are doing great!!

  6. For a show of moral support (and to use up a couple of aging bananas) I had a milkshake for dinner tonight. Hang in there dude, you’ll be back to normal eating habits again soon. As a person whose life often revolves around food, I feel your pain.

  7. I have joined your ‘tormentation’ – I could happily eat my way through every item you have displayed but according to the eating plan I now follow, I no longer am allowed to consume any of those …. all of which are favorites. I feel your pain, babe – I really do!

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