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  1. whatalotoffun: i know about not being able to vomit- but i’m battling with burping! and i’m also battling with anything more than small sips and spoonfulls- the slightest swallow too much and it feels like i have a goon stuck in my chest- and it hurts like a mothertrucker too!!! i haven’t had heartburn since two days before the op (because i wasn’t eating) and its been really pleasant!

    nmotb: hahaha- that suits you! i think mine and damien’s suit us too!

  2. My celebrity name is Blossom Amandine. Glad everything has gone with the op and all that. As you know my aunt went for the same op. She’s still battling with lots of winds. She cant eat alot just very small portions and some stuff justs comes up by itself (you guys wont beable to vomit anymore). Hubbys mom had the same op 3 years ago but it did not help her so she has gone another 3 the last one know about a month ago was a big op its helping a little but its still to soon to tell. Hope and pray it was a success for you and my dear aunt. Hope you had a nice weekend.

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