On Skin, Food, Cats And Getting Lost

Hello all you happy people!
Yesterday, Mommy Darling and I shipped ourselves off to WITS for day one of a two Saturday seminar on ADD/ADHD. It was just as well we left 30 minutes earlier than we planned- I have lost my brand new map book (I think I left it somewhere) and Daddy darling’s one is not as new as mine… ahem… we found the varsity without a hassle, but then drove around inside looking for the venue for several minutes. We parked and registered and had some tea (they had the most fabulous snacky things out for everyone… and I couldn’t even taste them)! We then filed into the hall late enough to miss out on the softer seats. We heard four fabulous talks before breaking for lunch, where I had a 125ml bottle of Purity guava and yoghurt 2nd foods, and everyone else feasted on a fabulous buffet lunch! Then after lunch the session was divided into two sections, one dealing with adult ADD/ADHD and the other with children, and Mommy Darling and I decided to attend the former since Damien is almost there… I almost felt sorry for the one speaker- as annoyed as I was with her presentation. She looked almost unprepared and her manner of speaking was antagonistic- but she was very nervous too, and I think that unlike the other speakers she doesn’t do this very often. There were several speakers that I’d love to hear more from, Shabeer Jeeva being one of them. He spoke twice, once on ADD in girls and then on the assessment, diagnosis and medication for adult ADHDers. Another speaker- Elaine Harcombe (whom I wish had the ear of lawmakers and so on) had fabulous ideas- but I wonder if any of them will be implemented in schools when Damien can still benefit from them! Things like allowing a child to write essays and do projects on subjects that interest them- but that still meet with the required curriculum outcomes! I won’t go into too much detail- I learned a helluva lot! They also had toys and books on sale as well as the different food supplements on sale and for sampling. When the seminar finished at 5pm we started to make our way home… and got lost! After driving around a completely unknown-old-scary part of Jo’burg that almost didn’t exist in Daddy Darling’s map book… we got home at nearly 7pm!
My skin is taking a severe hammering from the plasters covering my stitches… I have to change the dressings on all five cuts every two days and as a result my skin is almost constantly covered (in places) and every time I pull a plaster off some skin comes with it… not fun!
As for food- I think I’ve said enough on that subject! I have now lost a total of 6kg (about 13 pounds) in the last three weeks and I still have a week of the liquid diet to go and then two weeks of a soft food diet… and last night I ordered pizzas for Damien, which is our usual Friday night fare- and had to watch as he ate!
Greebo, Taxi and Grampa Scratchy have now shared the whole flat for three full days, and so far so good. They haven’t fought, although Grampa has done a lot of growling and hissing, and it seems as though they’re becoming more and more tolerant of each other. Grampa is looking fabulous- his coat is soft and shiny, he’s more “aware” when he’s awake, and although he sleeps more than Greebo and Taxi he definitely displays more and more of his personality all the time.

…can’t post pictures… get the pop-up box that says “done” and then it vanishes into cyberspace!

12 thoughts on “On Skin, Food, Cats And Getting Lost

  1. Well, I’m surprised you made it to the conference, after the surgery you had, Angel… and having the misery of watching others eat while you can’t … horrible.
    As for Blogger not posting up photos — that’s bloody annoying too.
    I’m trying out posting my pictures first, and adding text afterwards.
    It worked for me last time.

  2. Hi there – the seminar sounds really interesting. Don’t you just love people who are dedicated to implementing change – it is just unfortunate how long it takes. I so applaud your discipline with the food – I know you sort of don’t have a choice but you are doing so well. Glad you managed to sit through the whole event too. “Make nice” strokes to the painful parts of your skin – ouch! Gentle Hugs. xox

  3. terri: tell me about it- and then every other road was a one way!

    nmotb: we also ended up on the wrong highway, or at least the right highway… but going in the wrong direction! then of course taking the next off ramp was one of two options- the other was going all the way to gold reef city before we could turn around!

    spy gal: thanx! a little praise from others is never amiss!

    keshi: i had surgery to fix a hiatus hernia, you can look here i’m back and here tormented if you’d like to read more…

    katt: i s’pose in a way its good since i have absolutely no self discipline!

    supermom: thanx mel- and they were indeed. at least this coming saturday i’ll be on soft foods so i may be able to eat something on the buffet…

    buddess: thanx doll- you’re a sweetie to say such nice things (your cheque is in the mail, lol)!

    peong: damn the buffet indeed- and thanx for the compliment! as for getting lost in jo’burg- i’m not sure what to equate it to… maybe getting lost in the not so nice side of new york but with absolutely no public transport and cops that can’t be trusted… but i’ve never been to new york or out of south africa for that matter, so it’s a little difficult to give you something to relate to!

  4. While everyone can appreciate how hard you work at keeping up with the latest on ADHD, and all the effort you put in to being a good mother, I feel like few people can understand the true sacrifices you make. The pain of sitting by while your boy eats pizza in front of you, and waiting calmly while those around you graze on a brilliant buffet – oh the horror!! Damn the buffet and its bountiful selection of many flavoured things!!!!

    In all seriousness though I admire your dedication in doing what is best for Damien and for yourself. Not everyone can be that strong.

    Oh, and getting lost in Jo’burg… Ha! Tell me about it. No, seriously, I’ve never even been to your continent so tell me about it sometime…

  5. This just proves again what a wonderful dedicated mother you are. I am so proud of you and I trust that you will get through this stronger than when you started. I don’t even want to get started on getting lost in Jhb. Too scary to think about it again.
    Hang in there!! Lots and lots of hugs and kisses – even on the plasters….;-)

  6. My heart goes out to you. It must be horrible to watch others eat. I’m glad you found the talks to be helpful

  7. Well, it sounds like this trip was definitely a good idea! You’ve lost 6kgs! Not fair! I also want to have this op done.

  8. Glad to see your up and around and feeling better. I needed to scroll through some of your posts to catch up on your life.
    I give you so much credit for taking control of your sons ADHD and keeping up with the latest treatments. Being an informed parent is the best thing you can do for him. It’s hit and miss at times until you find the right course, but just reading how devoted you are, I have no doubt that you will find the way.

  9. Wow, that sounds like the seminar was really worthwile going to! As for getting lost in JHB – The one time (no not at band camp), I had to collect someone from a company in Parktown and take her to JHB international – Yeah Right! I could not get out of JHB to start with! I went around and around in circles, eventually got onto the N1, missed the right highway that goes to the airport, landed up driving via Midrand and Olifants, got her to the airport – were only 45mins late, so yes she missed her flight! Will I ever go to JHB again? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Lucky fish for loosing 6kgs, i know it has not been fun for you though! I start with my program tomorrow, only need to loose 5 but eish it is not going to be easy! Love you madly and will pop around to see you soon again!

  10. Don’t even get me started on getting lost in Jo’burg… One time it took me 2 1/2 hours to get home to Northriding from Sandton City. That’s what happens when you go right instead of left!

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