I wasn’t the only one drooling over Damien’s pizza- that’s Grampa on the floor, Taxi in the blue collar and Greebo on the left…

A picture of my cuts a couple of days after my op… and yes, you can even ask NMOTB, I have always been that white! If for some insane reason I had to appear naked in the sunlight- people would go snowblind!

A couple of pictures of the ADHD seminar venue- isn’t it beautiful!

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  1. nmotb: the venue is indeed lovely!

    tom cat: the signage is very strange- we even found a map to all the latin names of the trees on the street we were driving in… but not to the club we were looking for!

    h.e.: har har! it’s right side up… i think “elvira” suits me- i’ve never had a tan in my entire life… i don’t think my stomach has seen the sun since my mom was still dressing me!

    katt: ummmm- okay, lemme lose 20kgs & then we can compare, LOL!

    dawn: skattie- i’m so white- i glow in a club’s “black light” LOL!
    the bruising at the top is gone, but now that my staples are out i look like i was attacked by a giant wasp!

  2. My liewe hemel! It took me a while to work out that the things I couldn’t work out what they were – were the crinkles of the band aids/plasters/or maybe surgical tape type stuff. At first I thought they were cuts or scratches and I felt like bopping the surgeon on the nose for hurting you like that. That bruising looks extremely painful. I hope the healing has progressed considerably since you took this pic. One last thing, I promise I am way whiter than that – like a glass of milk!!!!

  3. Good Lord! What did they do to you? I think you and Flyboy should get together and compare wounds.

  4. Is that photo upside down or rightside up? I had to crack open my copy of Grey’s Anatomy to figure out what I was looking at. I hope that everything is healing on schedule.
    btw…sunlight is a source of vitamin D Elvira.

  5. *yay*.. you came to my university. 🙂 it is indeed very pretty, one of the reasons why i love it.

    and sorry to hear you got lost in Wits.. signage isn’t very good, and you have to smell your way around it, which is a bit ballzac-ish.

  6. Hey there friend! I had a terrible day, hope yours went better! BTW did you photo shop that photo of your cuts? I am sure you are whiter!!! lol It looks eina, how are you feeling? The venue looks really nice and peaceful! love ya bye!

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