How We Got To Here (Part 1)

Lately I’ve been reading Kids And Coping With ADHD about how her journey with her ADHDer son started and progressed over the years. Considering I started MY mommy-blog when Damien was already 14, I am going to try and go back in time a bit… it may serve to help moms who are starting out to know they are never alone on the journey that I have completed some of.

To reiterate- I had a perfectly normal, perfectly healthy, full term pregnancy. In fact- if I knew for sure that it would ALWAYS be that easy (and had circumstances allowed) I wouldn’t have hesitated to have more babies!

I think I must be honest and say that I suspected I may have a “hard time” raising Damien alone when his bad temper surfaced before we even left the hospital. I may have mentioned it before- but lemme recap.

I woke my folks up (I was 17 and lived at home) at a little after 11pm and told them I had a backache and couldn’t sleep and thought I might be in labour. Mommy Darling asked if I could feel contractions and I said yes I think so, so she suggested I go back to bed and try and time them. When they were five minutes apart- around midnight, I went back to my folks and said “I’m pretty sure I am in labour now.” I carried my own long packed suitcase to the car and Daddy Darling woke Sister B (then 16) to tell her we were leaving and to keep an eye on Sister C (10) and da Bruvva (9). I think my Ouma would have been there in the morning but I can’t remember. We drove to the hospital, found no-one in reception so we made our own way up to the maternity ward- suprising the nurses on duty that should have been called by reception. The nurse who examined me told me Damien would probably arrive at about 7am and I must try and relax- Mommy Darling and I both said we didn’t think he’d be waiting that long… but what did I know! He was born at 02h47! Mommy Darling was my coach- we’d had several ante-natal classes so I did all the breathing I was supposed to do- with Mommy Darling’s help! The nurses were very impressed.

Anyhoo, my darling Damien was three days old (back when new moms spent a week in hospital) and they diagnosed jaundice and said he had to sleep naked under a “black light” in an incubator for a couple of days until his Bilirubin count came down to normal levels again. So the nurses wheeled in a big box incubator with a light on the top and a disposable nappy in the bottom… and a little black mask that Damien was supposed to wear to protect his eyes. Lemme tell you people- maybe its ‘coz I wasn’t used to anything like this, but it took me AND Mommy Darling to get that mask over Damien’s eyes! Then I had to put him in the incubator. He was supposed to lie on his tummy on the disposable nappy because he had to be naked. Lemme tell you people- Damien screamed blue murder and wriggled and squirmed until he had flipped himself onto his side with his back and bum against the glass of the incubator… then he was happy- and went to sleep! The nurses moaned at me for not putting him on his tummy, and of course didn’t believe me when I said he did it himself… what three day old baby can do that I ask you!?! Well- I made them stand there with me and watch as he did it again!

Talk about speechless…

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6 thoughts on “How We Got To Here (Part 1)

  1. whatalotoffun: recovering indeed- i’m going to try and stick with the small portions…

    ww: recovering indeed, glad you enjoyed it!

    terri: thanx doll

    spookie: aaah! i’m so glad you remember the bits i don’t! i didn’t remember that you weren’t even there that night! you can fill in any bits you remember in subsequent parts!

    nmotb: i must be honest- it easier to read wth damien being as old as he is…

  2. Hello there, I enjoyed reading this post and just can’t wait for part 2! Cant believe you have finished another book. I am still trying to read my book finished that I bought in Vegas to read on the plane back home lol – think I got to chapter 11 – blimey!!!!!

  3. Boy do I ever remember that night. Actually I was babysitting up the road at Karim and Llew, she brought me home after mom got hold of her cause I was needed to babysit at home – he he!! Well I couldn’t sleep. And when the nurses told you guys Damien would only be arriving at around 7:00 Dad came back home!! LOL. So there we were both awake and waiting – I don’t remember Ouma being there…
    And then mom phoned with the news!! I was so excited – I could sleep even less. I wanted so badly to be with you guys at the hospital! I cannot wait for part two!!

  4. Good on you for sharing this, Angel. I’ll be tuning into subsequent parts.

    Glad to hear you’re continuing to recover, too.


  5. Ja it just shows you they have a little will of their own. Danielle was very quick with everything 4 and a half months started crawling and on 9 months started walking. Glad to read that you feel all better after the op. my aunt also battled with the burbing and can only eat small portions too like in 5 spoons and then she is full she has lost 3kg already since the op.

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