It’s Official!

Damien told me yesterday- his friends think I’m cool.
Mainly because I have tattoos, I listen to bands like Metallica and allow him to wear black nail polish. But- by Damien’s own admission- they even think it’s cool that Damien has such strict rules, like no gallivanting on a school day and no spending all of a Saturday at a mall and hearing from the parents when Damien is invited over and so on.
And I didn’t even ask him about it- we were watching TV last night between study sessions and there was an advert where the kids said something about another kid’s mom being the coolest- and Damien piped up and said “That’s what M thinks of you.” I’m very flattered! At least I haven’t done everything wrong!

10 thoughts on “It’s Official!

  1. terri: right back at ya!

    ww: very cool, i was very flattered!

    katt: wow indeed!

    supermom: nogal!

    peong: i’ll tell him!

    phats: awesome indeed!

    tom: thanx dude!

    nmotb: thanx- and i always thought you were cool!

  2. I bet them thinking you’re a cool mom has more to do with the fact that anyone can see you love your boy unconditionally (and not necessarily the black nail polish) – and IMO.. it’s unconditional love that makes a cool mom.

  3. You have to do a lot of things right to be a cool mom, so don’t sell yourself short. I always figured you were cool, so thank D for confirming for me. 🙂

  4. There can be no better compliment, methinks Angel me dear. Now that is cool.

    If D didn’t agree, he wouldn’t be letting you in on that. Chicken Soup for the Mom’s Soul, that is.

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