I Don’t Bloody Believe It!

The school I just applied to last week for Damien for next year- the one that caters exclusively for ADHDers- went belly up this weekend and won’t be re-opening its doors!
So thus far the score is School Search- 6, Angel and Damien- 0
I contacted yet another school this morning…

10 thoughts on “I Don’t Bloody Believe It!

  1. allbodies: thanx everyone, i appreciate the sentiment! i am off to school number 7 tomorrow to pay a deposit and hand in the paperwork… i’m just hoping they still have space for damien for next year.

  2. Aai tog!!!!!! Will say a little prayer for you! The right school will come your way soon – like everyone has said – HANG IN THERE PAL!

  3. That stinks like cheese left out in the summer sun. Hopefully, there’s bound to be another school.

  4. Hang in there dude! You’ll get it figured out. You definitely have some good school karma coming your way.

  5. Holy smoke you’ll be running out of schools soon!! You must have pissed off a lot of teachers lol 😉
    Oh and Damien, welcome to the wonderful world of dating 😛

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