Tired? Me?

Friday evening Damien and I spent with Sister B and her boys. We had great fun- and between us, a fellow blogger and I managed to surprise her with a phone call and an IM chat! I also ate my first non-liquid meal in two weeks! Sister B made macaroni cheese and I had a small serving- it was delicious! It was so nice to chew something other than jelly again!
Saturday was the second (and last) day of the ADHD seminar, and once again it was fascinating and VERY full- there was so much to take in! There were a couple of speakers (like last time) who should really get some training in public speaking before taking on an audience- I mean, nervous or not, eye contact is essential. And if you’re going to do a snazzy MS PowerPoint presentation with swirly words and cartoons and everything- then memorise it and PRESENT it- don’t stand there reading it to the audience! At least this time we didn’t get lost going home, and this time I got to eat- and lemme tell you people, they had a lot of everything on offer- last time I didn’t even LOOK at the buffet! I served the smallest ever portion of cooked food that I have ever served myself (seriously) and I didn’t even finish it- for the first time in my life I left food on my plate! I had a small chicken schnitzel that I ate about 2 thirds of, 4 or five slices of soft cooked carrot, a couple of teaspoons of brown and white rice mixed and a wedge of roast potato (and I didn’t even eat the yummy crispy skin). While Damien was at the movies with friends I had a baby potato (sans skin), one scrambled egg and a piece of feta cheese for supper (those who know me and how I eat can close their mouths now!)
Yesterday I was planning on going to church because I haven’t been since my surgery, and Damien and I overslept… in fact, I WOKE HIM UP at 11am! I’ve NEVER had to do that! We then had some breakfast and made our way to friends who were going to help Damien finish his wind chime project (drilling holes in the copper pipe and so on) since I don’t have the tools. We ended up staying the WHOLE day! Damien swam and played on the computer, and a little later da Bruvva and his little family joined us at the same friends for a braai. While everyone ate steak, pork sosaties, curried three bean salad, chips and dip, beer and Irish coffees… I had baby food. Literally! Potato, rice, mince and carrots with some salt… mashed together because my friend had made it that morning for her six month old twins. Urgh. It’s gonna be REALLY hard to stick to a diet of any kind… I can see it already! We were there till after 10pm! It was a really relaxing day but we really shouldn’t have stayed that late…
Needless to say it was a mission to get up this morning, Damien was still tired and we were running late too. I could have coped fine with the whole lot if Damien would just TRY to be a little bit nice. After I took nearly ten minutes to wake him and get him up- with him moaning and begging to stay home and sleep- I didn’t hear anything, so I stopped at his door to make sure he was awake. He was dressed for school and sitting on his desk chair eating jelly powder out of a little packet! I took a deep breath and told him to please throw it away to I could make him a proper breakfast. Temper tantrum ensued resulting in jelly powder everywhere and much muttered swearing. That earned him a 1. I made him breakfast and when he took it and headed for his room I reminded him that I had asked him not to eat in his bedroom. Temper tantrum ensued resulting in him stomping around the living room trying to eat and look spiteful and swear at me at the same time. That earned him a 2. There followed a peaceful respite in which much brushing of teeth and donning of shoes and applying of make-up (for me) took place. This earned him a nullification of the 1 and 2. Then as we were heading out the door, I asked if he’d had his meds (I had already reminded him earlier). Temper tantrum ensued resulting in an exaggerated stop in the passage and slumping the shoulders and then stomping back down the passage to our front door loud enough to make the windows rattle. This earned him a 1. As he was taking out his tablets I opened his antibiotics box- he hadn’t finished them. I asked him to please finish the last two tablets of the dose today (one this morning and one tonight). Temper tantrum ensued resulting in much shouting and insisting he didn’t need them anymore and felt fine and wouldn’t take them and me trying to remain calm and explain briefly how a full course is necessary even if you feel better and how I had paid for them. This earned him a 2. We didn’t speak all the way to school.
And finally, when I walked in the office door, my boss looks at me and says “You look exhausted!”

4 thoughts on “Tired? Me?

  1. tammy: my notes are all handwritten, but if you don’t mind waiting i’ll see if i can type them up & mail them to you (if you want them). i received most of the lectures on cd, so i can send you some of it…

    spookie: thanx for the praise- but its taken me a helluva long time to get this far!

    nmotb: its great fun isn’t it!?

  2. Crikey Pal, I don’t know how you do it!!! I won’t be able to remain calm if my child swears at me though! I agree with spooks if it was me there this morning – eish! You are such a star – I guess that’s why we are friends hey? ok know I am exhausted from all this!

  3. Sheesh – you have FAR more patience than me – that whole 1-2-3 magic thing, it works, I know – but you need the patience to do it and with marke – I just don’t have it. I’ll have to strat learning some. If it were me dealing with Damien this morning, I think we both would have ended up worse off than we started…
    Well done. I truly admire you.

  4. I would be so interested to hear about the seminar – my daughter was diagnosed with ADD about 2.5 years ago. I have tried holistic approaches, so many different things anything to stay off those meds which I absolutely hate. I must say until we tried concerta the other meds were hell, Adderal and Ritlan, I am happy to be done with both of those. They are trying to get me to try focalin or the patch but I don’t wish to make her into a guinea pig.

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