Damien Has A New Favourite Food

Believe it or not- its ravioli!!! While I was on my liquid diet I still had to cook for Damien, and a brand spanking new Woolies Food Shop opened in the shopping centre near us. We stopped in there one afternoon and I spotted this fresh ravioli in the fridges- neither Damien nor I had ever eaten if before, but since Damien and I both love pasta I figured it wouldn’t be hard for him to like this too. I bought bacon and cheese ravioli and he loved it! He ate half the packet for supper and took the other half to school with him the next day!

4 thoughts on “Damien Has A New Favourite Food

  1. nmotb: i wanna get me some binoculars so i can check out the shelves from my kitchen window… talk about the height of laziness!

  2. I am so glad that the Woolies has opened. We had one just up the road from our old house (I am a Woolies addict). Although this one is not within walking distance, it is still closer than having to drive to the old one! Mmmmmmmm the Ravioli is yummy! Heck everything in that shop is yummy! My kids love the breads and of course the puddings and cookies and and and and……..! Now I have managed to make myself hungry!

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