A Quick School Saga Update

I popped in at the latest (seventh) school this afternoon before fetching Damien and I paid the deposit for next year (scraped together at the last minute by Mommy, Daddy and Granny Darling). I also handed in the registration and application forms and had a quick word with the receptionist. There’s no uniform- the kids wear civvies; its high school only- and only 90 kids; girls can wear their hair loose if they want to and boys can grow theirs- as long as it looks neat. The school doesn’t even look like a school- you’d never realise it was a school if you drove past it. They’ve been around for about 6 years and they’ve had a 100% grade 12 pass rate. I am so relieved its over!

And speaking of boys growing their hair… here’s Damien playing silly buggers in a Halloween wig!

5 thoughts on “A Quick School Saga Update

  1. dawn: i am very relieved to have found a school, thanx for the compliment! kisses!

    nmotb: it’ll save me a fortune indeed! i think he’s excited… but he also wants to stay where he is. the new school does cater for adhders so i’m hoping for a lot…

    katt: i hope its as great as it sounds!

    cooks: i think so too- maybe he’ll grow it now…

  2. This is relief! And it sounds like a wonderful school. Damien should audition for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

  3. I am so glad to hear you have come right! How does D feel about the new school? Is he excited? He looks rather cute in that wig! lol
    Does the school cater for adders? No uniform either – that will save you a small fortune!

  4. My Friend ~ a very busy week has kept me silent for a few days. I have just caught up on the recent blogs. I am so in awe of who you are and how you do it all – but clearly, your Mother has to have been the best possible example to follow. So pleased you have a school – it sounds fantastic … and D-Man does a great Mary Quant impersonation in that wig. Love You. Keep the lights shining, sister! xoxo
    p.s. I have answered the question you left on my blog.

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