Photos From The Weekend

Damien playing silly buggers… as usual!Here’s nephew N with da Bruvva and Amore Vittone after he won the Cute Kiddo Competition (12-36 months category)!
Nephew N with his parents, da Bruvva and SIL posing for the official photographer.
And here’s Mommy and Daddy Darling!
These pictures are all in my flickr account too- you can see more pictures from the baby competition there too!

8 thoughts on “Photos From The Weekend

  1. FAAAANTASTIC pics. So thrilled that he won and he is so deserving of all the prizes. Also love the mom and dad pic – very lots!

  2. nmotb: actually amore was completely taken with nephew n and da bruvva only has eyes for his boy! he’s got some fabulous prizes- a custom built junglegym, books, toys, spa sessions for his mommy, photography sessions, and his next birthday party is sorted- cake, deco and party packs- the lot! very exciting! his mommy is even going to wrap some of his prizes to give him for christmas!

    phats: he looks oh so responsible doesn’t he! mwaaaaaaaaahahahahaha…

    keshi: thanx doll!

    wenchy: mommy darling said today she got a fright when she saw how old they’ve got! LOL!

  3. Great pictures I like it when people share them. That little kid is cute, looks like Howard the Duck with those glasses!! 🙂

    Nice picture of Damien, he looks like such a responsible young man.

  4. That is so awesome I bet you are all so proud!!!!!! So what did he win?????? He looks so cute on the stage and I guess G just loved posing with Amore? *Grin* Thanks for the favour of earlier on!

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