This Is Me…

Well… part of me anyway…
Yes- they’re very white- and VERY few people ever get to see them (I usually wear long skirts and jeans) so consider yourselves privileged!

4 thoughts on “This Is Me…

  1. Liewe Hemel – how BRAVE are you. If I had to put my milk-legs on display I would have to supply sunglasses. When DanDan and I got married and I actually wore a dress – everyone said, “Dawn, you’ve GOT legs.” What they thought I had been walkin on until then I don’t know – but I hear you loud and clear on this one, china.

  2. Your legs would fit in well here in Ireland LOL!

    re Part 4… That way of speaking you describe seems to be quite common among South Africans. I never really noticed it until moving overseas. The Irish reckon we Saffas are very ‘blunt’ (to put it nicely) and we’re often seen as rude. Weird.

  3. Oh my gosh!!! Thats such a funny picture!! Time for some sun bed or something hey…?

  4. That is a stunning picture of you!! Glad to finally meet your legs!! lol Ag, you are so funny sometimes!

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