My Taxi Is In The Hospital!

I am so heart sore- my little Taxi is in the hospital! I’ve been very worried about him the last couple of weeks; he just didn’t seem like himself. I think I’ve mentioned before how he battles with his gums, and how his breath is able to stun a rhino at 20 paces because of it (which is bearable since my nose doesn’t work very well), and how I have brushed his teeth for him (when he’ll let me), and how he’s on a special diet for teeth- only Royal Canin’s Exigent and or Oral Sensitive and no junk food- yet nothing seems to help.
Then last night, I gave him and Greebo a kitty treat called a “Nibbles”- its a little fish shaped catnip flavoured cookie. Usually Taxi wolfs his down and then sniffs around Greebo for crumbs, but yesterday Taxi couldn’t chew it- and he tried- he really tried! It absolutely broke my heart to see how he eventually just left it lying on the washing machine and went back to his box… So when he was relaxed I weighed him. Greebo and Taxi have both weighed 5kg (about 11 pounds) since they were fully grown, and Taxi had lost almost a full kilogram! So this afternoon after work I took him and Greebo to the vet. The vet knows about Taxi’s gums so he had a look after taking his temperature (slightly high), and we found that his top left back tooth is so bad it’s loose! No wonder my poor baby couldn’t eat! So he’s at the vet now, in his own travel box, the vet will clean his teeth tomorrow- and hopefully just cleaning them will be enough and he won’t have to lose any of them.
Greebo has gone a bit hoarse- but the vet gave us some antibiotics and said it’s probably a recurrence of his snuffles (he had it as a baby). His appetite is fine so we’re not too worried about him at the moment.
Grampa Scratchy is also fine. Better than fine in fact. He literally never comes out of my bedroom! I clean his eyes every morning with some gauze and salt water and he hardly favours them anymore. His coat is soft and shiny and he’s nice and plump- but nicely so. He spends all day under my bed, emerging with a stretch and a yawn when I get home and then he spends the rest of his time on my bed. He still growls and hisses if one of my other furbabies comes too close, but he tolerates them in the room with him. he’s really very sweet and loves a cuddle.
I know it sounds odd to ask- but pray for my baby, that he’ll be okay!

6 thoughts on “My Taxi Is In The Hospital!

  1. spookie: thanx sis

    phats: mwaaaaahahahahaha- and his breath can stun a rhino!!!

    dawn: love you too, and thanx!

    tammy: greebo is much better already!

    gail: it happens… glad you were able to pop in, and thanx!

  2. Hi Angel, I havent been around for what seems like ages. Life is very full and blogging is having to take 2nd place!!! Sad.

    Our pets do become part of our family and I don’t think asking to pray for them is odd. I’ll be sending out calls for prayer if Rory needs it!!

    I’ll say a prayer for your baby.

  3. Phats … that is totally loopy!! Sorry your catchild is not well, skattie. I know when Pingy is even slightly under the weather, I get that same fearful knot in my stomach when I realize Ross might be in anything less than perfect health. OF COURSE I will purrrray for him (and for the bills to not take you out too – what’s THAT all about?).
    Love You. xoxo (going to cactch up on the two previous posts.)

  4. I am soooo sorry to hear this 🙁 I will keep him in my thoughts

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but it took me a few lines to figure out you weren’t talking about Damien haha. I was like you brush his teeth?! haha.

  5. Aawww por baby. Cats are very prone to tooth and gum ailments. I am sure he will be better after being at the vet. siestog. Will say a little prayer for him.

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