Ag Shame!

Taxi had to have ALL his teeth pulled except his canines and incisors. The vet said they were all loose- even the bottom ones and there was nothing he could do to save them. Poor Taxi was still groggy and wobbly when I brought him home yesterday afternoon but he was determined to say hello to Grampa Scratchy and Greebo and make sure nothing had changed while he was away! So he’ll be on soft foods only- maybe eventually he’ll be able to manage the smaller dry food pellets- the vet said there have been cats sans teeth who simply swallow the smaller ones whole- but I’ll have to watch him and see if he can eventually learn to handle them. The problem is that the soft tinned foods are a lot more expensive than the dry pellets and a cat who can only eat them needs a substantial amount. Before, I was only buying one box of single serving pouches every other month because they only got half a pouch each as a treat.
I’m very happy to have him home, but I’m very sad he had to lose his teeth!

7 thoughts on “Ag Shame!

  1. allbodies: he is SO much better! he is a lot more himself- he’s snuggling and playing with greebo again, and he actually started eating greebo’s pellets a bit yesterday! i was so excited i had to refrain from squealing so i didn’t scare him away!

  2. I’m late as always!!!! I hope that by now Taxi is feeling much better!! As for your legs post, they are not as white as mine!! Will have to take a pic to show you…

  3. Poor baby. Now that he is home though I am sure he will do just fine. And there must be a recipe somewhere of car food you can cook for him which might not work out so expensive. Dunno – just a thought. Siestog.

  4. Hi Buddy, I only just got you sms when I got in *left my phone at home*, I am so sorry to hear about Taxi – how is he today?

  5. Eina – that all sounds nasty! It’s certainly been the season for baby food in your household. Poor little thing – hope he recovers fully. How lucky is HE to have you as a Mommy too. xox (check the legs comments.)

  6. Awwwwww poor little Taxi 🙁
    Hope the little fella manages to eat something soon
    Your little dragon sneezing is funny, lol.

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