On Wailing And Gnashing Of Teeth

Yesterday, being Sunday, and with “it” knowing that I had shite-load of work to do come Monday… my laptop crashed.
Fell over.
Melted down.
Decided it needed a holiday.
Pick one- they all fit!
I lost everything. Yes- EVERYTHING!!! Stories I have been working on, photographs, my budget… not much work stuff because that gets backed up on a regular basis and I deliberately don’t keep work stuff on my laptop for fear of losing it and having to redo it all- but there is some I am going to have to do over. I also lost my timesheets for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and now I have to try and remember what the hell I did for those three days! I am most upset about my photographs though. I have a lot of them on CD at home, but not all of them, and the more I think about what has happened, the more I realise how much I have lost! It’s heartbreaking!
So, much swearing and crying has gone on today (okay, not really crying- but I wanted to) as I tried to salvage something from the fried hard drive (unsuccessfully) and then spent the rest of the day attempting to reload the fried hard drive (also unsuccessfully), then buying a new hard-drive and then loading everything on the new one.
I am now quickly posting from work because I won’t be able to post from home until I complete the re-installation process of everything I need and use everyday. Including my 3G internet connection system, my phone system and my camera software. This is going to take a while. So be patient with me bunnies… I will no doubt let you all know when I’m back up and running at full speed again…

6 thoughts on “On Wailing And Gnashing Of Teeth

  1. OMG – this is not funny! Same thing happened to me on my desktop earlier this year and I realized while reading your post, that I STILL haven’t started doing back-ups. I need to grow up now and take care of this. Good luck skattie, sorry it happened and please, try not stay away too long, ok? xox (If it makes you feel any better – I DID cry … not the boo hoo I am so sad cry … more that, I am the farging moer in cry – I know you know the one!)

  2. Ok, I am off to do a quick backup of everything on my laptop!!! This truely sucks and I am so sorry that it happened to you.

  3. UGH! that really is SO unhelpful and frustrating. Sorry. I shall be patient to hear from you – it shouldn’t be too long though before you have reloaded everything again.

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