Let’s Play… Jy’s Dof- Fokof! I mean… It’s Time For “I Hate Thursdays”!

How it works, is that I bitch about “stuff” on a Thursday, if I have anything to bitch about that is. And you can also bitch or complain or moan or whinge all you want in the comments- you can even do it anonymously if you want to!
So I’ll start- anyone got some cheese to go with my whine?
It’s Christmas. The shops are full of beautiful things. The malls are full of sales and special offers. The cafes are full of fabulous smells… and after twelve years of thirteenth checks at Christmas time- this year there isn’t one, and I’m suddenly looking at the tiny bit of money I have left off my November pay check and remembering all the things I used to do with an extra salary in December!!
And over and above that- I am so TIRED of walking around a shopping mall for instance, and drooling all over the display windows looking at the furniture or décor that I’d love to furnish my home with, I mean- I’m nearly 33 for-five-six, at my age I should be able to buy nice furniture and at least pay it off right?! And then I get chased away by store security because I’m scaring the customers… and I remember that I have to wait for “one day” because I have to pay school fees.
I’m so TIRED the fact that I still have to rent a flat- that I can’t buy myself a little townhouse of my own and invest in some property- because I have to pay a nice fat medical insurance stipend to cover myself and my son.
I’m tired of sulking over the fact that I can’t buy a new car when mine starts giving me grief because I’m paying for a savings account so my son can go to college one day.
I’m jealous of my boss who’s only a few years older than me and wants to retire when he’s forty… while I’ll probably have to work for a salary my whole life!
I get pissed off with myself when I dwell on the fact that I have no qualifications apart from what my employers have taught me… which is a lot, granted… but does not warrant the salary that would accompany proper qualifications!
I get angry with myself when I get a fat lip and sulk over all my plans and my dreams for myself that have been shelved until my darling Damien is self sufficient one day…
And yes, I know that very many people have the outlook that you don’t HAVE to put your child in a private school, or pay for the best and so on, but I feel that since I’m my sons mother and I am his advocate that I will give him the best of everything that I possibly can. I feel that it’s a parent’s duty to do the very best for their child that they possibly can.
And then I get even more the moer in with myself for getting all miffed at what I don’t have when I have so much! I have a beautifully gorgeous, talented, exceptionally intelligent, fabulously good looking, popular, creative, incredibly healthy teenage son who loves me almost as much as I love him! I have a HUGE family
If any of my readers are youngsters- like teenagers- or if any of you know some youngster who is getting all mushy and twinkle eyed about having a baby because ’coz they’re just sooo kyyoooot… then please- send them my way for some educatin’!!

don’t you just loooove this Christmas tree!!!

Um… What Happens If You Put Concerta In The Microwave?

Oh- and Ritalin too.
Does anyone out there have any idea what happens to medication when it’s microwaved… for about 10 seconds on high?
Seriously people- Damien microwaved his meds the day before yesterday and I want to know fot the wuck’s going to happen to it, if anything… since I’m guessing the microwave can’t be very good for medication. I have also tried Googling it and since I can Google anything, the fact that I can’t find and answer worries me… has Damien achieved yet another ADHD first?!?

Christmas Wish List

1. Grey Knight Spacemarines and Grey Knight Terminators
2. LEGO exo-force models 7701, 7702, 7700, 7704, 7708
3. Korn “See You On The Other Side”
4. My Chemical Romance “Black Parade”
5. A Korn school bag
6. New Lizzard shoes size 9 (and yes, he specified the size)
7. Ratchett & Clank: Ratchet The Gladiator (PS2)
8. Burn Out: Carbon (PS2)

9. New skateboard wheels
10. Tony Hawks: American Wasteland (PS2)

Obviously my darling Damien has forgotten that momma aint loaded…

I Won! I Won! I Won!

YAY! YAY! I finally won the floating trophy for the best (worst?) “Sibling Supper” gift at our annual event!
da Bruvva pulled my name out of the scrabble tiles we used last night (actually he pulled his own letter and the swapped with Sister C), and I wish I could have seen my SIL’s face when he arrived home with it… last night was our annual sibling supper where Sister B, Sister C, da Bruvva and I get together at one of our houses- sans kids and significant others- and have a “Christmas” dinner and exchange gifts. I played host again last night and we had Chinese food! Chicken, mushrooms, sprouts, veggies, fried noodles and then ice cream and tinned fruit for dessert! This morning I still have a headache from last night’s laughing!
If you check out the December 12th 2005 post you can read more about the last one we had… and you can go here to see what it’s all about.
I’ll post pictures later (when blogger decides to co-operate) so you can see our various reactions as we unwrapped our gifts, Sister B got a “beautiful” plastic clock, Sister C got fake birds in a cage that squeal (I mean sing) electronically at the slightest touch or noise, da Bruvva got the vase that I won the trophy for and I got these horrendous plaster-of-paris “angels” with matching colour coded candles inside them!