Okay, Own up, Who The Fork Stomped On My Friggin Karma!!!!?!?!?!?!

Bunnies- I have had the kakkest week! It started last Friday with Taxi’s tooth removal operation, then on Sunday all hell broke loose with my laptop crashing, which then took me two days to get back up and running- and I lost everything that had been on it (my own stuff). Then on Wednesday I was on my way to fetch Damien from school (it was pouring with rain) and as I got onto the highway and put my foot down, the steering wheel started vibrating so badly I could actually hear it! I immediately slowed down (my legs had turned to jelly so that was easy) and took the next off-ramp, heading for Mommy Darling for help. da Bruvva couldn’t help, Mommy Darling was in the midst of a crisis, Sister C wasn’t answering her phone and I ended up borrowing Granny Darling’s car to fetch Damien from school. Thursday morning I organised a lift to school for Damien and I went straight to a tyre place to see what’s happening with my car. Three new tyres, a wheel balancing and twelve hundred Rand later I am forty five minutes late for work (luckily I had pre-arranged it) and had to go straight into a training session on a new system with some users. Tomorrow being Friday, we are having a teambuilding event with some clients and are supposed to work half day- I hesitate to even speculate as to what all could go wrong… go wrong… go wrong… go wrong…

5 thoughts on “Okay, Own up, Who The Fork Stomped On My Friggin Karma!!!!?!?!?!?!

  1. spookie: i give up…

    nmotb: oh crap- was i sposed to phone you!?!?!

    katt: i dunno what i’d do without all of them!

    buddess: i really hope things are going to start looking up now…

  2. That was three bad things wasn’t it!!!!!???? They(whoever they are) always say that it happens in 3’s. Next 3 will be positive things. Positive thoughts breed positive results!!!! Hang in there. Wish I was near enough that you could add my number to your long list too!!!!! XXhugs!!XX

  3. Okay, I do agree that you have had one hell of a rotten week but something positive oozed from my monitor as I read your entry:

    You have a wonderful support base in your family if your list of people to phone is anything to go by. So maybe they couldn’t all help but I think you are lucky to have such a long list of options.

  4. Ok, you didn’t phone me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to get together!!!!!!!!! Thanks goodness it is friday tomorrow – and nothing else will go wrong, be positive!!!! 🙂

  5. Oh boy!! You have really had a zinger this week hey!!?? Luckily tomorrow is Friday, and I believe that EGBOK. Anyone know what that means?? Lemme know if you do – mwahahahaha

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