You Know What I Love…

…about my electronic social life?
The fact that I have so many people all around the world who I can call friends.
The fact that I have people all over the world who I’ve never even met who are concerned for me and think about me.
The fact that there are so many people all over the world who I think about and worry about.
The fact that I have a very dear friend who is touring the world and everytime she uploads a new set of photographs to Yahoo! I get to see them- while she’s still overseas! We even get to chat a little every now and then about her amazing trip!
The fact that I have a huge group of parents in a support group who I can talk to about raising an ADHDer. Parents who don’t think I’m exaggerating and who understand when I’m about to tear my hair out! Parents I can speak to about medication and therapies and parents who are going through very much the same things I am! I wish South Africans would get over their fear of support groups- mention one to a South African and immediately they think along the lines of “AA” and imagine that there must be something wrong with you if you need a group. I am currently trying to start an ADHD support group in my suburb but I get very little support even from those who say they’re interested…
What on earth did I do all those years without a blog and decent email!

10 thoughts on “You Know What I Love…

  1. terri: excellent therapy indeed!

    e.c.: unusual or no- i hope you slept well!

    nomad: we do indeed take it for granted!

    gareth: mwaaaaaahahahahahahaha!

    dawn: oh a get together would be TAN-fastic!

    peong: actually, i think it was your post lurking in my subconscious that got this post started

    spookie: thanx sis!

  2. I know what you mean. And I am happy you have a support group too. I think it is a really good idea to start one here too. People really need to get over their little selves, you are quite right.

  3. Thats the communication I was talking about in my post the other day. It makes the world that much smaller.

    Thanks for being open and posting and commenting and the like. Without the interaction this would be no more than journal…

  4. I am amazed on a daily basis what gifts our blogs bring to us and what gifts they allow us to extend to people. It’s virtually impossible to comprehend actually – hee hee. I raise my glass to having met you and the rest of the gang – my life is most certainly richer for it. I totally have my heart set on a get-together in the not too distant future. We have to make that happen for all of us.
    Love you lots. xoxo

  5. LOLLLLLLL at your letter to Santa 😉
    I now have a picture of Gen’s bra on your head. It may be there for some time 😀

  6. It’s amazing how we take such an amazing communication medium so much for granted these days. It’s not that long ago that all of this came about. Well, not if you’re of a certain age. 🙂

    another friend you’ve never met.

  7. PS: Thanks so much for inquiring after me on my recent post! Not to worry – it’s nothing serious or lasting, just high-pressure times for everyone. Won’t last, thankfully – they never do. Just the getting thru that’s draining at times! I think I slept 10 hours straight thru after that post – most unusual for me!

  8. My sentiments (about the Blogosphere) exactly! I do understand that to some it’s merely a pleasant past-time, but to others (like me and you and others like us) it’s been a virtual life line (pun intended)!

  9. I’m with you 100% on this one. My blog has been as much a part of my therapy as any of the pills or, er, therapy 😉
    We luv u too Doll!

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