Today Is Greebo’s Third Birthday!

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Greebo in the dirty washing bag- one of his favourite possies!

Here he is playing silly buggers in a shopping bag- he loves all kinds of bags and boxes!

Here he is sleeping on the couch with Damien- he always shares Damien’s couch or bed… I don’t think he’s ever forgiven me for bringing Taxi home…

I love this picture- I was looking for a specific fhm magazine for my brother to look at something, and when I looked again Greebo’d made himself comfortable… and as I snapped a picture- he licked his lips!!

7 thoughts on “Today Is Greebo’s Third Birthday!

  1. Oh, these are so cute! Happy Birthday, Kitty Greebo! From Hades Cat, Killer Cat, Houndus Maximus and me, Human Katt!

  2. h.e.: he has a truly beautiful coat- even my mommy darling tells people what beautiful cats i have!
    and he’s a very very subtle shmoozer- he has myslf and damien very well trained when it comes to getting his own way…

  3. What a shiny beautiful cat! I am sure that He will forgive you..although I don’t profess to understand felid logic…he looks like a real schmoozer.
    HB Greebster!

  4. spookie: i didn’t spoil him as such- but they all got some soft meat for a treat.

    dawn: they’re not film magazines doll- they’re FHMs!!! hence the giggle with the licking of his lips!

    terri: heh heh- he does that anyway, he’s the boss in our house!

  5. Happy Birthday Greebo! Does he get to chase the other pets around the house without fear of retribution for his birthday?

  6. What adorable pics – love how he is hanging in the laundry basket. Especially love the position on the film magazines – very Marilyn, actually … Aren’t I just so beautiful?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love and Hugs. xoxo

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