You Know What I Hate!?!

The “I wonder what happened” crowd. You know the ones.
A few weeks ago a friend of mine was in a car accident. It was her car. Her boyfriend (a colleague of hers) was killed in the accident- she remains sedated in ICU in critical condition. No one knows exactly what happened and most don’t even know where it happened. But that didn’t stop endless speculation taking place around the proverbial water cooler for more than a week after the accident. All about the fact that she and this guy were together and did anyone know they were seeing each other, how they’d been seen drinking in the company pub earlier on the evening of the accident, assumptions and gossip around their relationship, conjecture on the nature of her injuries and whether or not she’d recover. You could even hear groups of people talking in offices as you walked around the building- and no one had the same story. I felt like yelling at them all to shut the fork up because they didn’t know the whole story and who did they think they were to talk like they were!
It made me very heart sore, because I know her, and because I consider her a friend a good friend of mine… and at the same time I felt incredibly guilty because I have probably done the same thing!

4 thoughts on “You Know What I Hate!?!

  1. It always amazea me when people talk in this way … and specifically about the fact that “they were seen drinking” in the office pub. Pity no-one was nosey enough at THAT POINT IN TIME to interfere and say, “here, let one of us drive you guys home,” or “give us your keys, we’ll call you a cab.” I’m sorry this happened to people you care about.

  2. I didn’t know about this!! Who is it? I hope she recovers soon. I am sorry her friend died. And don’t be afraid to tell people to stop skinnering – just do it in a gentle loving way.

  3. Oi! I’m sorry to hear about your friend, Angel. And her boyfriend, that is plain horrible!

    People do seem to focus on the drama aspect at times like this and it is annoying.

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