What A Day… Birthdays, Christmas Presents, Fleamarkets!!!

This morning early, I made my way to a local fleamarket with two friends- one of whom spoilt us with gifts of jewellery- mine being this exquisite beaded choker! We had great fun, but by the time we left we were exhausted- the market is huge and very popular with tourists.

So, after the fleamarket adventure, Damien and I made our way to the bestest best friend’s eldest’s 9th birthday party- her boys also happen to be my godsons! Here’s Ryan in action with the cricket bat!This is his birthday cake- isn’t his mommy clever!?!

So, after the birthday party, I joined some family and friends at my cousin’s house for a pre-Christmas party… Ydnic had a brainwave of note a while back- and today we celebrated our First Annual Gift Exchange! We had an absolute jol bunnies! The idea was to buy one gift- for about 20 bux- and make it something a guy or a girl would appreciate, tricky, but fun to try and find… Ydnic and her hubby made a fantastic supper for all of us and she made a lekker punch, and we chatted and laughed the late afternoon away. Then we lined all the gifts up in a row on the lounge floor- picked a number out of a hat and working from left to right, picked the gift that corresponded with your number (if you got your gift, then you just swopped numbers with someone else). Then we all laughed our selves silly at the things we’d managed to find- everything from shot glasses to chocolate, drinking games to shower gel, candles to coffee mugs! Here are some pics of (almost) all of us with our pressies- some of our friends had already left by the time we finished…And this little beauty- is my Greebo’s sister- Fat Cat! I’ve posted pictures of her before because she’s beautiful, and I can’t get over the resemblance between them!

12 thoughts on “What A Day… Birthdays, Christmas Presents, Fleamarkets!!!

  1. dawn: it does take care of gifts for some of our friends- not all… we are considering doing something similar for our family this year though.
    and i’d NEVER think you were slacking off doll!

    gail: he’s in my prayers, damien started his last round of exams today too… so you and me both stressing over exams!

    terri: it was good- took me all of sunday night to recover!

  2. Hi Angel,I love the necklace. Makes me think of those fantastic shoes you have as well!!!

    I really like your little message on the side “I don’t do normal”!!!

    Please remember Rowan this week as he has exams and as you know it is difficult for him to concentrate. Its a trying time ,as you can imagine.

  3. p.s. just caught up on all posts down to and including the one about D’s new school … would hate you to think I’m slacking off.

  4. Looks like a full-on jol. Does this gift exchange take care of Christmas gifts then … it’s a great idea and a lot more economical for everyone. Aish whena, but your tjomma is a clever somebody with those cakes! So pleased you had lots of fun. xox

  5. t.c.: buses eh…? lemme know when you work that one out.

    supermom: so do i doll, so do i!

    phats: huh? why does fat cat spook you?

    katt: i do don’t i?

    nmotb: she is indeed- and way too modest!

    spookie: i had caught up on some sleep by then… and i had such fun with you!

  6. What a weekend, Angel! My response: you have really cool friends and family. And Greebo is the member of a really beautiful family!

  7. Wow sounds like a fun filled weekend. Cricket looks an awful lot like baseball!

    That cat just spooks me

  8. ha ha – that’s a wicked cake!

    I had a turqoise bus for my 8th birthday. i rather adored busses back then. No clue why tho..

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