Look How They’ve Grown!

Here’s Damien on the left and Sister B’s eldest- nephew M- on the right… in both the following pictures Damien is on the left and nephew M on the right. As my Mommy Darling said when I mailed these pictures to her- you can see Damien and his cousin are not little boys anymore!
And here is a picture of (from left to right) sister B, myself and sister C taken about 10 years ago!

heh heh- we’ve grown too… mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha!

6 thoughts on “Look How They’ve Grown!

  1. phats: hey phats- i passed your message on- damien says howdy (he’s studying for exams)!

    spookie: me too skattie- me too!

    nmotb: we are indeed getting older- but i also think that when it comes to our boys we’re more than a bit biased- ryan’s going to be such a dish!

    gareth: mwaaaaaaahahahahahaha… talented aren’t they!?!

    supermom: neither can i sometimes!

  2. And the amazing thing is that in the second picture they were actually jumping OUT of the pool 😛

  3. Loved the pics – I sat looking at D the other day and just could not actually help but notice that he has grown into such a handsome young boy!!! Hey that only mean we are getting older!!!!!

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