Look what I Did Today!

Today was our company teambuilding slash fun day. Last year we went microlight flying, and this year we did a canopy tour in the Magaliesburg! It was fantastic! This was the weather when we arrived and we almost thought our trip was for naught…

But it cleared up beautifully! This is the view from the first platform (called Dassie after the ones that live there), you should be able to click to see a bigger view, and you can just make out the cables leading from where we were and the ones going to the next platform off to the left!

This is how you get from one platform to the next- and some of them are FAST! Your right hand is on the cable behind your pulley and that’s how you brake!

This is the highest slide to a platform called “Ronnie”

This platform is called “Cliffhanger”… and you can see why!

And this is me- our guide took a picture of mois sliding from a platform called “Elephant” to one called “George Of the Jungle” because of that tree I’m heading straight for!

This was a bloody fast slide!

Here’s the last platform- and after this was a staunch hike ou of the gorge that I wasn’t expecting… and it reminded me of just how unfit I really am!

I think I got some very cool pictures on this trip! And we had a blast! The weather cleared up beautifully and when we boarded our bus to head for home it started raining again- how cool is that!?!

4 thoughts on “Look what I Did Today!

  1. nmotb: i was never big on heights either- but i think last year’s microlight flying cured me!

    supermom: it was a blast, and if it wasn’t so expensive i’d go back real soon!

    paul: thanx man!

  2. I have ALWAYS wanted to do that. I will. Soon. Once Zander is not breastfeeding anymore we will go for a weekend at Sparkling Waters again. Then go on the canopy tour. Yes. Looks like so much fun

  3. hey that looks like great fun, although I suffer from Height fright, so i dunno if i could have done that!

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