So, Are These “The Basics”?

I found this over at Justin’s Ramble yesterday, and it really got me thinking.

1. Do you believe there is an after-life?
Oh yes, I very definitely do. I am a Christian and I believe in God and I believe Satan exists and I believe in heaven and hell. I believe as a Christian that by accepting Christ as my saviour I have already secured my place in heaven- but that simply accepting Christ is not all there is to Christianity and being a Christian. God expects us to live according to his word- putting him first being rule number one. Here’s where I fall flat already because Damien is number one in my life… I have a helluva lot of work to do bunnies ‘coz I definitely don’t wanna be here after the rapture!

2. And if there is no after-life, what then …?
I reckon this question is moot considering my answer to question one.

3. Does life have any purpose/point to it?
Life absolutely has a purpose- God wants us to praise and glorify him in everything we do every single day of our lives. Apart from raising Damien, I think it’s utterly the hardest thing to do- I don’t even do it on my blog! And if calling myself a Christian in this post is a surprise to my readers- then I have a LOT more work to do than even I thought I did!

4. Do you believe every cloud has a silver lining?
I do indeed. But more often than not it must be sought- it’s not always obvious!

3 thoughts on “So, Are These “The Basics”?

  1. Good to hear the Christian viewpoint, Angel. I’m a “Doubting Thomas”, but am kind of keeping an open mind on the existence of God, etc. I’m waiting for a Damascus moment / a revelation, to convince me otherwise.

  2. phats: howdy! damien is fine- sorry we’ve been a bit scarce… damien wrote his last exam today so he’s on cloud 9- grade 8 is finished!!

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