My Darling Damien Has Finished Grade Eight

Today at lunchtime I was sitting thinking about this last year… and how unbelievably FAST it’s gone by for me. Yet at the same time it feels like it’s been a helluva loooooong year.
All too often when I think about my li’l boy I think of him as an adorable and mischievous five year old.

And then every now and then I look at him and he suddenly looks different, like he washed off the little boyhood in the bath.
Like this weekend past. A friend of his asked if he’d help out as a waitron at a couple of year end functions. He had to dress smartly but didn’t have a white shirt; she said she’d organise one for him. He bathed and washed his hair and polished his shoes and dressed up smartly and then he emerged from his bedroom looking all smart in jeans, button down shirt and a TIE!
I was almost speechless (almost)… he looked so grown up… and then I reached for my camera of course! He worked very hard too- making almost R400 in tips at the two events! I was so proud of him, and he of himself! He was out late, far from home, made sure he had proper transport and he was home on time. He was so responsible!
He spent the last coupla days with da Bruvva playing sales rep- at least he’s not bored at home or bored at school!
And now his first year of high school is finished. Already. It feels like just yesterday was his first day in grade one. Damien wrote his last year end exam the day before yesterday- History Of Art. That’s right- his first year of high school is over and done with, the proverbial fat lady has sung. Okay, bar the report which I’ve gotta wait for- and as much as I hate to be negative- I’m not realistically expecting him to pass… am I a bitch of a mom or what!?! With all the drama we had this year with the teachers I can hardly believe it’s finally over. I’m really looking forward to our school change next year, even if he ends up repeating grade eight- I just feel better about the whole situation! Back to private school. I gave his primary school a piece of my mind (via email and not expecting or receiving a reply) for not recommending another small private school for Damien instead of a mainstream school like they did; I feel they should have known better. Yes he’s artistic and creative- but I don’t think that should have been their basis for recommending a high school. And it makes me angry that I couldn’t trust the school’s judgment- especially since they did so much for Damien in grade six and seven. It literally took me months to find the school he’s going to because schools don’t really advertise and they don’t have websites FOUR FIVE SIX! Wake up South Africa- WEBSITES PEOPLE!!!!
Don’t get me wrong- there really was nothing wrong with the school he was in “school-wise” they just cannot cope with ADHDers. Yes, a few of his teachers tried to help, but not enough of them and not hard enough. Next year he’ll be in a class no bigger than six learners at a time, and he’ll be with other ADHDers so he won’t be the odd one out yet again! He will have more than enough attention in class and several extra-mural clubs to join- thus getting him out of the house and hopefully making some more friends. As an ADHDer he battles a bit to hold onto friends for a long time (girlfriends too because he doesn’t pay them any attention, heh heh).

9 thoughts on “My Darling Damien Has Finished Grade Eight

  1. michelle: i’ve never heard of The Teen Liberation Handbook… i must look it up

    terri: you’re a peach terri, thanx! and i do feel good about next year- a huge weight was lifted when i found this school

    nmotb: he did me very proud indeed… needless to say i was a nervous wreck till he came home!

    spookie: starting high school nearly did me in sis!

    e.c.: i couldn’t either!

    supermom: waaaay too quickly doll!

    paul: oh i’m quite happy about the girlfriends dude- believe me! and i’ll forgive the spelling mistakes as long as you keep visiting!

  2. “pai off tough”

    translattes to “paid off though” if I hadn’t had 2 glasses of Pinot Grigio at lunchtime!!

  3. I have the utmost respect for any single parent, I’ve seen my Sister go through enough, but one of a child with extra needs deserves special respect.

    You’re care and attention has obviously pai off tough, he seemed to manage himself with great maturity on his work sessions, otherwise how so many tips?

    Great photo’s too, the first I’ve seen of him. What a handsome lad! And as for girlfriends? Honestly, are you fussed he can’t keep them at the moment? There’s plenty of time for that later ;o)

  4. It’s hard to believe how our kidos are growing. Mine is just finishing pre-school and my oldest is going to Grade 8. It’s quite overwhleming for me…

  5. I am glad to see that you are happy and at ease now know D will be going to a school that will cater for his needs! He looks so smart Angel (a handsome young man). It is good for him to get out and learn some responsibility and by the look of things he has done you proud!!!!! ok bye!

  6. Glad you’re sounding so positive about next year.
    I must agree – he looks very grown up in that photo. A different person from the one in the earlier pics you’ve posted.
    Oh and PS you don’t sound like a bitch of a mom; you actually sound like a very proud and loving mom.
    Just so you know 😉

  7. I can relate to the school-choosing struggle! My son’s just finishing Gr7, and we’re looking at options for high school that will fit his creativity and personality. However we’re also considering alternatives like part-time high school, self-directed study and “unschooling” (courtesy a marvellous book called The Teen Liberation Handbook). Choices choices – so hard to make sometimes! We want them to be the best they can be – to try fit that in with the people they already are is not always easy.

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