Christmas Wish List

1. Grey Knight Spacemarines and Grey Knight Terminators
2. LEGO exo-force models 7701, 7702, 7700, 7704, 7708
3. Korn “See You On The Other Side”
4. My Chemical Romance “Black Parade”
5. A Korn school bag
6. New Lizzard shoes size 9 (and yes, he specified the size)
7. Ratchett & Clank: Ratchet The Gladiator (PS2)
8. Burn Out: Carbon (PS2)

9. New skateboard wheels
10. Tony Hawks: American Wasteland (PS2)

Obviously my darling Damien has forgotten that momma aint loaded…

7 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List

  1. nmotb: LOL! i’ve never given damien a catalogue… too risky!

    phats: heh heh- sorry bout the mild confusion! yes- he’s a skater and loves it. he’s got a psycho board with steel reinforcement, nice heavy trucks and world industries wheels, and piranha helmet and wristguards.
    when i asked him what he’s getting you he just giggled!

    cheryl: don’t they just- and damien was still writing letters to santa when he was 13… just to please mois of course!

    jj: mwaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha- thats a plan!

    h.e.: i know damien would love to see tony hawk live and doing his thing!

  2. Tony Hawk was in Winnipeg a month or so ago doing his commando film at our fancy schmancy new skateboard park!
    I can’t keep up with all of the games that my 16 year old plays…and my 5 year old is already hooked on Super Mario Smash Brothers!

  3. Oh yeah, love these wish lists. Do they think Santa is made of money???
    (I also,like Phats, was wondering if that was your wish list. Not that those things are bad, but didn’t quite seem like you! LOL)

  4. haha nice list Damien! i was starting to worry til the end that this was Angel’s list.

    A skater huh?

  5. Hahahahahaha – I made the fatal mistake of giving Ryan and Dylan a toy catalogue to make me a list of “possible” gifts – I think they circled everything except the girlie toys – mwahahahahahah
    (oh i see da pics are in flickr – gonna have a look see).

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