Let’s Play… Jy’s Dof- Fokof! I mean… It’s Time For “I Hate Thursdays”!

How it works, is that I bitch about “stuff” on a Thursday, if I have anything to bitch about that is. And you can also bitch or complain or moan or whinge all you want in the comments- you can even do it anonymously if you want to!
So I’ll start- anyone got some cheese to go with my whine?
It’s Christmas. The shops are full of beautiful things. The malls are full of sales and special offers. The cafes are full of fabulous smells… and after twelve years of thirteenth checks at Christmas time- this year there isn’t one, and I’m suddenly looking at the tiny bit of money I have left off my November pay check and remembering all the things I used to do with an extra salary in December!!
And over and above that- I am so TIRED of walking around a shopping mall for instance, and drooling all over the display windows looking at the furniture or décor that I’d love to furnish my home with, I mean- I’m nearly 33 for-five-six, at my age I should be able to buy nice furniture and at least pay it off right?! And then I get chased away by store security because I’m scaring the customers… and I remember that I have to wait for “one day” because I have to pay school fees.
I’m so TIRED the fact that I still have to rent a flat- that I can’t buy myself a little townhouse of my own and invest in some property- because I have to pay a nice fat medical insurance stipend to cover myself and my son.
I’m tired of sulking over the fact that I can’t buy a new car when mine starts giving me grief because I’m paying for a savings account so my son can go to college one day.
I’m jealous of my boss who’s only a few years older than me and wants to retire when he’s forty… while I’ll probably have to work for a salary my whole life!
I get pissed off with myself when I dwell on the fact that I have no qualifications apart from what my employers have taught me… which is a lot, granted… but does not warrant the salary that would accompany proper qualifications!
I get angry with myself when I get a fat lip and sulk over all my plans and my dreams for myself that have been shelved until my darling Damien is self sufficient one day…
And yes, I know that very many people have the outlook that you don’t HAVE to put your child in a private school, or pay for the best and so on, but I feel that since I’m my sons mother and I am his advocate that I will give him the best of everything that I possibly can. I feel that it’s a parent’s duty to do the very best for their child that they possibly can.
And then I get even more the moer in with myself for getting all miffed at what I don’t have when I have so much! I have a beautifully gorgeous, talented, exceptionally intelligent, fabulously good looking, popular, creative, incredibly healthy teenage son who loves me almost as much as I love him! I have a HUGE family
If any of my readers are youngsters- like teenagers- or if any of you know some youngster who is getting all mushy and twinkle eyed about having a baby because ’coz they’re just sooo kyyoooot… then please- send them my way for some educatin’!!

don’t you just loooove this Christmas tree!!!

7 thoughts on “Let’s Play… Jy’s Dof- Fokof! I mean… It’s Time For “I Hate Thursdays”!

  1. I do LOOOOVE the tree and I know how you feel at 52 I am only doing those things so hang in there cup cake!

    Love you too much and especially that amazing special gifted child who is so gorgeous to boot!!

  2. michelle: myself and my siblings do that for our supper- otherwise we don’t buy gifts for each other, we make a bigger fuss of birthdays.

    nmotb:love you too tjomma, thanx!

    paul: thats a great thing to remember- your nan’s a smart lady!

    supermom: you’re such a sweetie- thank you!

    gareth: hhmm… maybe i need some leprechauns! heh heh…

  3. I have nothing to moan about. I don’t let anything get on top of me (apart from female leprechauns :P)

    You are doing the best for your son and no parent can ever do better than that 🙂

  4. You have the right to whine. However you are making a great life for you and Damien with what you have. Yes, there’s loads that I would want and trust me I have my days of bitching about it too. I have to just look at the good things though. Things that is in my power to control, make better. HUGS to you. You are such a great mom to put your sons needs ahead of yours.

  5. You know, I have a lot of that stuff; my own place, furniture I bought outright etc…

    But I have it on my own, and there will never be a child. I know which I’d prefer :o)

    It reminds me of something my Nan said once;

    “I used to be upset I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”

  6. I can very much relate to the cash-strapped feeling. After a few years of 13th cheques, it dwindled down to a bonus of 50%, and then 20% (most of which got chucked by tax), and for the past 2 years nothing!!!

    HOWEVER – I have just convinced my relatives that we’re gonna try somethign new this Xmas – each got a budget of not more than R50 to find a present with for each other. Kids excluded of course – we always go nuts on prezzies for them. So I get to be extra-frugal this year. AND with making most of the stuff myself, I may even come up with enough cash left over to eat until they decide to pay us early February (being a very long month while they sort out why no-one’s done the accounts or deposits… as usual).

    Yeah, we can moan at the lack of cash (and it’s good to) – but this year I’m turning it around to be a fun challenge to find ways of doing things differently.

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