From My Mommy Darling

The more I look for the good and positive in this amazing boy, the more it amazes me what I actually do find. Damien is so full of love and is very gifted when working with children probably because he has a sensitivity that comes from having had such a tough time being a misunderstood Adder.
He is extremely artistic and has a knowledge of animals and nature that is quite astounding.
My admiration for Adder moms all over the world is beyond description and my pride in my Wonder Boykie goes beyond definition.
To all the misunderstood Adders I say HANG IN THERE! We are waking up to the wonder of you. Thank you for your gifts and talents!

To my own Wonder Boykie I ask the following:
=> Be patient with me precious Damien – I don’t always understand you;
=> Forgive me when I pick on you unfairly;
=> Tell me when I am hurting your feelings – write a letter if I am too hard to communicate with;
=> Share your talent and humour with me, it makes me feel so special!
=> Remember that I love you and I am SO proud of you ALL the time!

“Thank You dear Lord for giving our family this amazing child, the opportunity to learn what unconditional love truly means. Thank You for showing us how to see the talent and ability through the maze of activity. Thank You gracious Father for the example darling Angel has been of enduring motherhood and commitment. Her patience and tolerance of ignorant family, friends, professionals and strangers is phenomenal! Help me to be the Granny they deserve and to give the help they need.
In Jesus’ name – Amen.”

Words fail me bunnies- am I blessed with the family I have or what!?!

5 thoughts on “From My Mommy Darling

  1. perspective: i do, and thanx for popping round

    tammy: now there’s a thought…

    nmotb: don’t i know it- and i didn’t even mention my friends!!!

    spookie: isn’t she just- so you still sniffing?

  2. ‘sob’ thats so ‘sniff’ beautiful – our mom {lip quivering} is so speciaaaal – bwaaaa……..

  3. Its so hard to do what you do – being a single mom is tough – need to see some posts where you forgive yourself and acknowledge what a great job you have done.

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