Its Toon Time Again!

Yes indeedy- and I know it’s been quite some time since the last one so Damien came up with a Christmasy one for you all to play with!
What you do is suggest a caption or speech bubble contents for the cartoon- Damien picks the one he likes best and I republish the cartoon with the winning words by Tuesday!

11 thoughts on “Its Toon Time Again!

  1. Junior: Why are you looking at me like that – It’s not like it was my fault – These things happen! I coughed, I sneezed and Voila – the tree lit up!

  2. I though my comments weren’t saved – apparently they were, which is why there are now THREE from me – LOL!!

  3. Has Damien been watching Groene – ek-wil-‘n-brandweer-man-word Die Draak??

    LOL at word veri – xmmmbkak

  4. Mom: Junior, Look What you have done!!!!!!!!!

    Junior: I am sorry, I think it might have been the beans I ate for dinner! As I was bending down to put the lights on, it slipped out and wammo – the tree was on fire, I tried to blow it out but I think I just made it worse!!!!!

  5. Melany sort of said what I was going to say which was, ‘Ma, you said you wouldn’t light the lights this year!’

    So, maybe as an alternative:

    ‘Sorry, Ma, I sneezed.’

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