Breaking News At 10-

The winner of the latest “make up a caption” competition is (can I have the envelope please)…
cue the trumpets and the bugles
Girl, you definitely took the blue ribbon this time, nice work!!!!! Here’s the updated cartoon with its caption:

It was once again a very close one bunnies, Damien took all of today to decide which one he liked best, and may I remind you all (just in case) that when I give the entries to him to choose the one he likes best, I don’t tell him who’s is who’s- so its fair and square!
And thank you all- once again- for contributing to a little ego boost for my darling boy!

10 thoughts on “Breaking News At 10-

  1. gareth: only a pleasure!

    oregon: thanx for stopping by- glad you liked it!

    jason: isn’t it just… keep your eyes open for the next one!

  2. YAY! Wow, I don’t think I’ve won anything in ages… Thank you Damien and thank you Angel! 🙂

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