Another Little Triumph In Mommy-Dom!

At least… I think it is, ‘coz my baby still talks to me!
Remember in June or July when I posted about my darling boy smoking grass and how worried I was about it… well, last night he actually told me about it! He was sitting on the arm of the couch behind me tickling my back (in other words- we weren’t looking at each other) and we were watching “Predator 2”. There’s a scene where a cop gets a ride with some Rastafarian gangsters, and when he gets out of the car it’s in a cloud of ganja smoke! Damien commented that the guy must be completely stoned after the car ride. I said that you usually have to smoke it a couple of times before it has an affect on you so he should be okay. Damien was quiet for about 5 seconds and then he said “…no you don’t…”
So I look over my shoulder and ask “Oh? And how would you know…?” and he’s got this half smirk on his face. He then tells me he tried it in January after school with some friends and he didn’t like it and won’t be trying it again.
Okay- it seems like something small… but the fact that he felt okay enough to tell me this is a really big thing for me- it tells me he trusts me and that if ever he needs to call me if he’s in trouble he’ll do just that.

18 thoughts on “Another Little Triumph In Mommy-Dom!

  1. tracy: sheesh- okay, this is going to take me a while okay?

    cheryl: he is a good boy… most of the time!

    phats: pity they don’t show those ads here…

    nutz: thanx nutz- and i’ll be visiting you again!

    spookie: thanx sis- love you too!

    terri: thanx terri- its compliments like yours that keep me going! yay me!


  2. That is worth One Million Mommy Points!
    ..and you are lucky that he didn’t like it..if the first time was no big whoop chances are it will be easier to turn down the next time.

  3. Oh man that’s wonderful Sis!! I am so proud of you. You’re one Super Mommy!! Love you madly

  4. Hey Angel-thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving all the comments! I’m going to add you to my flickr site as well!!

  5. Damien needs to see those commercials, this is your brain this is your brain on drugs any questions haha! 🙂

    No seriously though that is cool that he felt comfortable enough to talk to you about it, that’s good!

  6. I think that is the coolest–that he was able to talk with you about it so openly. That really says a lot about your relationship! I also think it’s great that he knows he’s not gonna try it again. Good boy!

  7. vangie: i do hope i can teach him respect for women, maybe give him a few tips on how to relate to them in any relationship… you know- insight into how our brains work- if that is at all possible… LOL

    tracy: howdy! i read it- i had to blot my keyboard- and i loved it! thank you!

    tammy: thanx doll- i wish you a fabulous festive season too!

  8. You have really done a great job when your kids talk to you when they F-up. Good for you! Hope you guys have a merry Xmas!!

  9. Hi sweet one,
    I know I have all but abandon you and my page, but I’m still here. 13 webpages and it’s hard to keep up. You know how we ADHDers are. No worries, I’m great and will be back on it soon. Maybe I’ll write a new poem just for you, K?

  10. Had my parents been even remotely approachable with this subject, I might not have experimented so heavily as I did in my youth. It really is a big deal. And that you didn’t punish his honesty has laid groundwork for some serious trust in his future. Not only with you, but in his relationships with women in general as he gets older.

  11. supermom: thanx mel!

    allan: good stuff indeed, i better tell my psych so he can make an official note- just in case the cops need to investigate me one day when i lose it completely with damien…

    robin: hey there ccjb, thanx for visiting me!

    dino aka katy: thank you thank you- cashiers cheques or paypal deposits are welcome!

  12. wow I think it is huge that he told you. It is nice to see he trusts you enought to do so and that you didn’t punish him for telling the truth. Great parenting!

  13. That is very good news. When kids talk openly and honestly to their parents,it is always a victory for both.

  14. A victory for trust! Good stuff.
    This is not a Beta Bloog?
    That makes it even more cool!

  15. That’s a big thing!! It’s great that he felt comfortable enough with your relationship to tell you that 🙂

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