The Future Has A Way Of Arriving Unannounced

I was thinking… yes, yes- I know- don’t get too excited… and no comments from the peanut gallery okay!!
Anyhoo- back to my aforementioned contemplation…
I was reading Tertia’s page, “So Close”– like I do every week- and I am currently reading her book as well (also called “So Close” and available off ). I have laughed and cried and I have had to re-read several paragraphs because I was either laughing or crying and completely lost my place! I plan on passing the book on when I’ve read it because it’s just too cool not to share! But I digress… Tertia was in the same magazine I was in (it was Tertia who sent me the journalists details when they were looking for people’s stories) and she will be featured in the next ‘O’ magazine! How cool is that! She’s has also been on TV a couple of times so her face is fairly well known- she’s even been recognised a couple of times! And in our country, that’s quite an achievement, since South Africans in general would eat half cooked cold food and drink sour milk shakes rather than make a scene!
But I’m getting off topic again… what got me thinking was that Tertia and her kids are kinda like celebrities, and I was wondering how they would deal with it in future- if at all. And dwelling on this led my train of thought to the following:
1. Will I be able to Google Damien’s future girlfriends slash fiancée slash wife and/or her family if he ever gets serious enough over someone to make her worth Googling?
2. Would I do that? Who am I kidding, of course I would!
3. Should I do that? That’s a whole ’nother kettle of bananas innit…
4. Would I tell this same girlfriend slash fiancée slash wife (or her mom) that she would be able to Google Damien and read all about how he grew up?
5. What if this person found Damien by accident and read all about him on the internet?
6. Effectively, my talking about most of what he gets up to doesn’t afford him much privacy does it…?
7. What if I find something about the love of his life that I really don’t like… will I be able to rein in my innate wish to protect him in order to let him make his own decisions?
And many more thoughts that I haven’t quite figured out how to bloggerise.
Since we’re the mommies and the adults in our parent-child relationships, we didn’t exactly ask their permission to blog about them and our lives with them… and like with Damien, blogging about our escapades is pretty much my prerogative… Has any other mommy-blogger out there ever thought about what’s going to happen when our kidlets are grownups and almost all of their childhood is on the web for anyone to download slash analyse slash read and comment on?

5 thoughts on “The Future Has A Way Of Arriving Unannounced

  1. dawn: ah- see, i forgot that side of it! i DON’T ask his permission but i DO consider damien’s privacy and feelings, ESPECIALLY when it comes to pictures… but at the same time i think he might enjoy reading about himself one day when he’s a grownup.

  2. U can quote me too – I do consider my son’s feelings and privacy when it comes to the kind of pics I publish … as far as googling the girlfriends – you bet ya china, I would so do that. I think by the time our boys are engaged to fiances – people and everything about them on the internet will be common place. I would like to think that it forces a level of awareness and tolerance … love me, warts and all … oh right oops, silly me – there I go thinking it’s an ideal world ALL the time. Interesting question though. xox

  3. steven novak: aha! see! i knew i was normal… btw, what’s “uder”?

    paul: i’m going to quote you if ever i am questioned…

  4. Would you, could you, should you?


    I google all my bf’s and wouldn’t hesitate to check my sister’s.

    You never stop being a Mum, and one of the primar insticts there is to protect right?

  5. My wife would google her son’s future girl in an instant…

    Then hunt her down in a suped up Deloran and uder her. 😉


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