Tracy Nicolaus Is The Coolest!

This exceptionally talented lady writes the most incredible poetry, stories and songs (amongst other things- about her life dealing with ADD/ADHD) some of which have even circled the globe several times inside those inspirational emails, and she wrote a poem about me!
I read it over and over again while I cried my eyes out like a two year old who’s just had her chocolate cupcake taken away from her!
But I must tell you bunnies- if it wasn’t for women like Tracy and the moms in my ADHD boys support group- I dunno what I’d do. It’s the success stories like hers and those of her three sons that give me hope for mine and Damien’s future. Its people like Tracy, who inspire me and let me know that my love and hard work is not and will not be in vain. Tracy (who is an ADHDer herself) has very successfully raised two ADDers and an ADHDer to adulthood, and they’ve racked up some seriously awesome achievements between them!
Thank you Tracy- from the bottom of my heart- for everything you do for me and moms like me!!

3 thoughts on “Tracy Nicolaus Is The Coolest!

  1. dawn: aaawww… thanx skattie, BWAAAAAAAAA

    tracy:blessings and love to you too girl! and thank you again!

  2. OMG Now I’m the one crying, WHAAAAAA What a pair of wonderful sissy’s we are hu!
    Thank you sweet Angel, you make it look so easy. But we both know it’s not. You will indeed live as I did to see the fruits of your labor.
    Blessings and love Momma

  3. … and moms in general. You are both an inspiration to all parents and you deserve all the accolades you get, Angel. As I told Tracy in my comment on her blog, I couldn’t agree with her more – everything she wrote about you is TRUE. BRAVO!!!!! xox

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