Am I Being Spoilt Or What!?!

And it’s not even my birthday, bunnies!!
Vangie made me something… okay- I actually asked her to make me one after I saw a stunning fairy montage picture she made- but I didn’t expect her to actually oblige!
Isn’t she just the sweetest “goddess of coping skills” in blogdom!

4 thoughts on “Am I Being Spoilt Or What!?!

  1. vangie: ditto! LOL!

    spookie: it is and i am!

    nmotb: heh heh… the laptop may be at home, but i wondered how long you could “hold out”!

  2. WOWEE!! It’s beautiful!! You are just so spoilt – aint you.

    On behalf of my sis – Thanks Evangeline!! That was mighty special of ya.

    As you said – “Merry Snowflake”!!!

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