If That was Christmas- We’ve Had It!

These are all the grandsons in front of Mommy darling’s tree! From left to right- nephew N, Damien, nephew D, nephew M (in red) & nephew S.

This was our Christmas Day lunch- cold meats and salads. It was hot as blazes and it rained in the afternoon and evening. We finished off Christmas Day with a couple of shoes of BlackJack- HUGE fun!
Here’s Damien in one of his Christmas presents- he loves this shirt!
Here’s Damien enjoying our Christmas Eve bobotie (made by Mommy darling).
Damien made a grab for the pressies under Mommy darling’s tree- I actually got a picture of all the nephews playing silly buggers under the tree- even nephew N- when his big cousin’s started diving for the pressies he had to have a go too!
My sweet boy gave me a gorgeous silver ring with an oval cut stone in it- stunning! Mommy & Daddy darling gave me a CD of classic rock tracks, a beaded necklace and a King Robbie DVD (which turned out to be a karaoke DVD and didn’t actually contain any Robbie footage- LOL). I gave Damien new skate board wheels and a T-shirt and he got another T-shirt, these funny little magnomen toys, “My Chemical Romance” CD!
The boys spent the entire two days of Christmas Day and Christmas Eve entertaining nephew N- it always amazes us how much these boys lavish attention on him and how much he adores his big cousins! They push him around the garden in his Tonka tip-truck, they blow bubbles for him endlessly, they play cars with him, they play PS2 racing games ‘coz he likes to watch, they carry him around so he can “fly” in his Superman suit that he got for Christmas and then run from him to make him giggle while he’s “flying”! Our boys are a truly special bunch of kids!

7 thoughts on “If That was Christmas- We’ve Had It!

  1. These pics are just WONDERFUL. DDTF and I had such a laugh at Damien’s t-shirt, we think it is hilarious. The one of all the grandboyz – raised and unleashed in afrika – stunning! I am so pleased you got to share this wonderful time with your special family. Love you lots. xox

  2. vangie: it is yummy and very filling!

    dino… i mean katy… um dino…? i’ll definitely look up a recipe for you!

    allan: only when i’m not at home… heh heh!

  3. sounds like fun to me. So I read about the dish and was wondering if you’d share the recipe?

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