AD/HDer At Home?

ADD Moms lovely site, free email newsletter available
ADD Resources free email newsletter available
ADDers Dot Org a forum, resources and experts and doctors available
ADDitude Magazine great site- lots and lots of info and resources
ADDvisor free email newsletter available
ADHASA attention deficit and hyperactivity support group of southern africa
ADHD Information lots of resources
ADHD News free email newsletter available
ADHD of the Christian Kind – Compassionate Support “It is an acknowledgement that Christians — adults and children alike — may have ADHD and related disorders… and that these challenges truly do exist.” lots of resources
ADHD Support loads of info
ADHD Tips free newsletter available
ADHD & LD Resource Guide a resource for those who want to learn
ADHDer’s Bill of Rights
DiRhody’s Resources celebrating the true worth of highly gifted children and adults
FamilyEducation ADD & AD/HD wonderful (free) newsletters and lots of info
Health 24 Teens & ADHD
LD Online a resource for learning disabilities (free email newsletter available) page with information pertaining to ADD and ADHD
Parenting The At Risk Child information and resources for parenting a child at risk for ADHD, addiction and antisocial behavior
Thom Hartman a resource for professionals and parents (free email newsletter available)