I Said Ask Me Anything!

And here are the answers to the questions y’all asked (in no particular order)…
First up, Sister B, who maintains A Gentle & Quiet Spirit asked me: Which book/novel have you read more than 3 times??
Sheesh, where do I start… maybe you should rather have asked what I haven’t read three times- heh heh! The only one I know for sure I’ve read more than three times is Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I’ve read all six books in this collection at least four times, some of them more than that. Then a few years ago Mommy and Daddy Darling gave me the hardcover book with all six stories in it for my birthday. I LOVE this book- I think Douglas Adams was very likely at least slightly torched when he wrote much of this book- I’ve read them that many times and I am still surprised every single time I read them! Hysterically funny and so far fetched they’re entirely plausible!
Vangie, the goddess of coping skills from Dealwithia pondered the following: When are you coming to visit the States?
Um, when I win the lottery…? Nuh- I have a plan- for one day when my darling Damien has moved up and out- I will then be doing my own thing. And that includes traveling and going back to school. I will start my travels with biking the 29th parallel. This is a loooong standing dream of mine. Then I’ll see more of my own country. After that my first “stop” will be Europe (mostly places with archaeological significance) and then the USA starting in New Orleans and ending in Alaska. I want to finish my “world tour” in South America at Machu Picchu. I’ll definitely let you all know when those plans come to fruition because touring the world will without a doubt include visiting you!
Cheryl Wray from Life With Cheryl wants to know: How did you choose Damien’s name?
Honestly- I can’t remember why I chose the name. It was the first name in my head when I found out I was pregnant (I knew Damien was a boy from the very first instant). Back when I still harboured delusions of maintaining some form of contact with Damien’s father, I would have named him Damien Christopher. Then when we split I changed my mind and named him Damien Richard so he’d have an even stronger connection with my family. His father wanted to name him Randy and that was very simply out of the question! The only girl’s name I can remember considering- just in case- was Rochelle, and I think Ronique also came up as a maybe… but I knew he was a boy and I spoke to him as Damien from the start.
Jason Evans over at Clarity of Night said: You walk into a fairly crowded social gathering where you know some people, but not terribly well. How would you approach the evening? How would it turn out?
A fabulous question dude! Well, being the quiet, shy, reserved type that I am… heh heh- did I fool you? I could never pull that off! Truly- I simply ADORE being the centre of attention and usually arrive at a party wearing a tiara or feather boa or false eyelashes or funky coloured hair (or all of them) and so much jewelry it’s all but blinding! But even on a normal day I wear a lot of rings and all sorts of coloured sunglasses- so a party is an excellent excuse to go completely overboard. I would most likely spend the evening hogging the microphone slash conversation slash bar and talking loudly and collecting hugs and kisses from everyone and telling jokes… I’m most often the one dancing on the tables (or the stage) and flirting outrageously with complete strangers and singing karaoke even when I’m stone cold sober!
Rrramone from WillieBaronet posed this question: What is your greatest fear?
My greatest fear is of something happening to Damien… something outside my control… does this explain my complete neurotic paranoia when it comes to my darling child? Does this explain my twisted desire to keep him home and safe till he’s forty? Anything and everything else that happens can be dealt with- money, people, the future- but something I can’t control absolutely terrifies me… like illness and accidents. And Damien being the completely impulsive adrenalin junkie that he is doesn’t make things any easier for me!
Allan from Camelsbackandforth asked this question: If you had to eat the same three-course meal every single day, what foods would you choose?
Now THIS was a tough question… being the complete drive-thru junkie that I am… after much pondering and contemplation, I would have to say- without a doubt- KFC Popcorn chicken to start with, then a McDonalds Quarterpounder Deluxe with Vanilla Coke and Fries as my main course, then my Mommy Darling’s ginger tart and fresh cream for dessert!

6 thoughts on “I Said Ask Me Anything!

  1. jason: it was only a pleasure- and i love my boas too (i have 4)!

    vangie: love you too darling!

    um… dino: ooh- please do!

    cheryl: the tart is truly divine- maybe i should hook up the recipe?

    allan: it was indeed- so much so that i think i’ll do it again sometime!

  2. Those are GREAT answers (and questions–even mine, ha ha!). I loved that you arrive at a party in a boa or tiara. How fun! I love it!
    And I really like Damien’s name; that’s why I asked the question. So, I loved hearing that answer!
    And the Fast Food meal cracked me up!! (And a ginger tart with cream sounds heavenly. Have never had one of those! Sounds very South African!)

  3. Well clearly you are even more fantastic than any of us could have imagined. Oh and should I win that illusive lottery first – the trips on me.

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